Tuesday, May 29, 2012

The Perfect Graduation Gift

Graduation is coming up.  Lots of little kinder will be graduating and off to bigger and better things.  Matter of fact many of you probably have little kinder graduating or even nieces, nephews or neighborhood kids you've seen grow up over the years.  Regardless, the question is what do you get them for a graduation gift?  Very simple.  "Worthless."

My regular readers already know what Worthless is about, but for those of you unfamiliar with the book it is THE SINGLE MOST IMPORTANT BOOK high school and college-age kids can read.  It IS the perfect graduation gift and I do not say that out of hyperbole or salesmanship. I say it because I believe it's true.  "Worthless" is the perfect graduation gift.

The reason why is very simple.  Millions of kids make a huge and life-destroying decision every year - they major in a worthless subject.  Take your emotions or feelings out of it.  In today's economy, we really cannot afford the luxury of sparing their feelings and lying to them, saying,

"Hey kid, follow your heart and the money will follow.  You're going to be a great French Art History major!"

as we nervously put on a fake smile hiding our concern.

The amount of money they (or you) are going to spend on tuition, not to mention the sheer volume of their youth they will spend pursuing a degree, can NOT be wasted simply because nobody had the courage to tell the kids the truth about economics and the realities of the labor market. 

But you don't have to.  The book will do it for it you.

"Worthless" explains first and foremost to the reader that the reason somebody got them this book is because that person really cares about them.  And while it may not be what they want to hear, they will end up appreciating it in the future.  "Worthless" also goes into detail and explains in clear, understandable language the economics behind the labor market, showing the reader how and why some degrees are worthwhile and others are literally worthless. 

The book is $13 in paperback and only $5 on Kindle.  A miniscule fraction of the tuition and time costs of earning a four year degree.  Because of its potential to prevent kids from making a VERY costly mistake, the cheap price practically compels you to at least consider it.

So do a graduate you care about a huge favor.  Buy them "Worthless" for a graduation gift.  And if you're so kind, do me a favor and simply spread the word by sending people this post.


Billy B said...

Great Idea Captain! I will be ordering 5 today.

Anonymous said...

One reason for the education bubble which has escaped mention here is the fact that the typical university is a milch-cow for its community. University administrators are not very competent people who in the modern scheme of things have been given much more money to handle than they are capable of handling. So when their friendly government leans on them a little to hire a few extra people, they do. Time for a new building? Sure - that will keep the local contractors and labour unions happy. Penn State in 13 years was converted from a pleasant open campus to something closer to downtown New York - I exaggerate but no thanks to its president.

At my institution many of the buildings were poorly built (the contractors saw them coming), and do need maintenance - but we are overrun with workmen and no improvement is ever visible. They always want to do little things such as cut off gas or electricity - very helpful in a lab building with experiments running 24/7.

Anonymous said...

I just talked to a guy today who makes 130K driving truck for specialized oversized loads. I have less and less respect for the typical college life plan every day.

Philosophy Major said...

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EarlW said...

How do we get a signed copy?