Thursday, May 03, 2012

Charting the Manosphere

Greetings all.

Working on a project to document, categorize and chart The Manosphere.  I have below the various categories and the corresponding blogs, however, these are just those off the top of my head.  Would very much appreciate your help in filling out the list and making it a bit more thorough.  Also would appreciate any "categories" that I haven't thought of.

Much appreciated.

Female Manosphere Bloggers

Dr. Helen
Hooking Up Smart
The Thinking Housewife
Haley's Halo
Kathy Shialde

Divorce/Marriage/Religious Bloggers

The Spearhead
Gaming My Wife

Everyday Life Advice

The Art of Manliness
Hawaiian Libertarian
Freedom 25

Economics and Political Philosophy

Vox Day
Save Capitalism
and of course me, Cappy Cap

PUA/Gaming Community

Roissy (arguably the Godfather and creator of The Manosphere)
The University of Man

(none are coming to mind right now)


Anonymous said...

Can't forget Rollo Tomassi

Also Mark Manson is pretty good.

Jack Donovan & Max at Fucking Inappropriate are impressive in their pithy zen posts on masculinity and the war in

you might have a scroll through the aggregator at www.delusiondamage to see who else is on there. Some worth including, some not.

Later, Gator.

James Wolfe said...

and of course the ones you mentioned

Anonymous said...

For MGTOW, I would strongly recommend barbarosaaa and Stardusk. Both can be found on Youtube. I'm also a big fan of Bernard Chapin, RockingMrE, and girlwriteswhat on Youtube as well. They are men's right guys who mainly talk about marriage/relationship stuff, but they also have many videos about philosophy and politics. Pretty good list that you have compiled, I'll have to check some of them out.

If you want to go the comedy route, I'd would STRONGLY recommend you listen to Patrice O'Neal (RIP) or Bill Burr...both are MGTOW to the bone.

L.G. Robins said...

I don't know if I would categorize Thinking Housewife in that group as she has been harsh on MRAs and specifically The Spearhead.

L.G. Robins said...

MGTOW - MarkyMark

Elusive Wapiti under Divorce/Marriage/Religion

Sonny Ortega said...

The one you recently linked,, not bad, if a bit over the top with the testosterone...

File under everyday life advice.

Of course, as anon #1 mentioned, already did something like this.

Anonymous said...

Here's an interesting blog:

anyways, it's time to get the racist white nationalist neo nazi's out of men's rights...

Leave the bigotry to people like Amanda Marcotte and Hugo Schwyzer....

as long as those elemnts are there, I'll proudly say "This IS NOT my men's rights...."

Anonymous said...

Emma the Emo ought to be in the female category.

Marky Mark ought to be in the MGTOW category.

Anonymous said...

I would submit Ann Coulter for your consideration. She isn't exactly a blogger, I know, but she has no time for lefty feminists. And she obviously likes men a lot.

Arch said...

There's also but I'm not sure what category you'd put it in. It's mostly about abusive women and how men can deal with them.

I wouldn't consider Hooking Up Smart to be part of the manosphere at all. In my opnion it's more like a hamster blog for enabling women to behave badly (hypergamy through serial monogamy) while feeling superior to PUAs.

Anonymous said...

Btw, very nice site re-design and higher font. Thanks for sharing the manosphere stuff.

Captain Capitalism said...

Couldn't agree more stoner. Nothing irks me more than reading a great piece, well-thought out, put together, great point and theeeeen the white supremacy or calling women "c&nts" kicks in.

Irks me more when I linked to people in the past and have to cut the links when I find out there's true bigotry, not constructive or legitimate criticism.

Dalrock said...

I see that someone else already suggested but since I rebooted to windows to leave this comment I thought I'd second the suggestion. He is on the pickup side of game and has some excellent well thought out posts.

Also, I see that Laura G. Robins commented here. I would add her as well.

Justin said...

I'd be under the Religious Bloggers.

Rachel & Robert said...

Athol Kay of Married Man Sex Life, the atheist advocating monogamous marriage as the most effective strategy for most people. He's a good intro to the manosphere, and is always polite, even if he tends to be blunt.

Matt Forney said...

Put me under "Everyday Life Advice". BTW, thanks for the links earlier.

Anonymous said...

Politics and policy:
In Mala Fide (
The Elusive Wapiti (

The Spearhead (
A Voice For Men
Vir (

Married game:
Married Man Sex Life (Athol Kay)

Game/Pickup/Male Lifestyle:
Fly Fresh & Young (
GMAC (blog address escapes me)
Badger (
Danger and Play (
The Private Man
Vox Day (
Keoni Galt


Anonymous said...

Under religion you could put He writes about masculinity from a Mormon perspective.

And a lifestyle section would be good. Include
Masculine Style
The G Manifesto
I'd put Frost in that section too.

Matthew Walker said...

Booksbikesboomsticks isn't "manosphere". She mentioned PUAism once; she seemed to know very little about it and care even less. She and smalldeadanimals look pretty incongruous in that list of women-writing-about-women-stuff. Unless Grerp's got a trove of undiscovered posts on collecting vintage Mausers and S&W revolvers that I missed (don't click on that link, you'll lose hours and hours of your life and your gun wishlist will turn into something like John Peel's record collection).

On libertarian concerns, Tam's a fellow traveler with the libertarian end of the manosphere, but so is any other libertarian. There are no characteristically manosphereic concerns that she shows any sign of giving the slightest damn about.

She's a wonderful writer, though.

Is Blunt Object manosphere?

Borepatch is, kinda sometimes. Aretae, kinda. He reads Roissy at least.

Gucci Little Piggy is.

Izanpo said... messed up Kathy Shaidle.

Joan of Argghh! said...

Ha! Must be something in the air because I've been simmering a post for the last few weeks and today's "Julia" crap prompted me to finish my thoughts.

Keoni Galt said...

Rob Fedders - No Ma'am.

Have a look see, Captain. You could find yourself reading for days at his place...he's got a LOT of good content, because he's been blogging for years. He's also compiled pages of comments, quotes and articles from Proto-MRA blogosphere - the original MGTOW anti-feminist from the early forums, back in '02-'05. Zenpriest, Bonecrckr, Philaethes and others.

Anonymous said...


Buster B blog

Mirror of the Soul

and another vote for No Ma'am

Anonymous said...

ScottH said...

Hmm - Tam hasn't seen she's on this list yet, has she?

Don't forget The Red Pill Room:

Anonymous said...

Fart of Manliness appears to have a pedestal predicament. has he fixed this?

cassius said...

I second
very good site, seems to have not gotten the attention it deserves. Put it under married game.

(I just went there now, and did not have time to read it, but his latest thesis looks excellent.)

Rollo Tommasi under female psychology.

Anonymous said...

Taken in Hand for those who are married.

Badger said...

Was going to nominate myself but I see someone already has - thanks anony.