Friday, May 18, 2012

Destroying the Division of Labor

I am starting to believe more and more this was done by:

1.  Nefarious forces
2.  Originating from the Soviet Union during the cold war

I am not one of conspiracy theories, but the more and more I look at stuff like this or "global warming" I am finding it harder and harder to believe it wasn't orchestrated.

To destroy a country that is strong you must do it from the inside.  No better way than to start by destroying the natural and biological relationship between men and women.


Robert Hewes said...

"No better way than to start by destroying the natural and biological relationship between men and women."

Now where have I read that before?

Borepatch said...

Eric S. Raymond had some interesting thoughts on the history of ideological warfare as practiced by the Left.

JRN said...

"The press is our chief ideological weapon."
-Nikita Khrushchev

Stirner said...

Along the lines of the Eric S. Raymond argument, there is also the testimony of KGB-defector Yuri Bezmenov, who states that the KGB had a long-term strategy of ideological demoralization for the US. Google around, and the videos (from the 80's) are all up on Youtube.

Perhaps a great irony of history is that the USSR collapsed before the US was demoralized to the point where the US would sue for peace in the Cold War. Now, thanks to academica, the demoralization is self-replicating and growing all on it's own from the seeds the KGB planted.

It sounds more than a little tin-foil, looking around at how far things have fallen in so little time, one has to wonder if there was more than a little pushing behind the scenes.

Stirner said...

There is also this book about Soviet subversion of Western cultural institutions and values.

The "righteousness politics" of progressive anti-American snobbery is arguably a distant descendant of modern day Crusaderism.

BigD said...

That's why it's called cultural marxism.

Double the workforce.

Sink the wages.

Double the prices for durable goods based on the dual income family.

Take advantage of the weaker sex propensity for victimhood fantasy, gender solidarity, and herd mentality, and drive an axe through the nucleus of the Western family. Create the 'battle of the sexes' by convincing women that their own fathers, husbands, and brothers are the enemy. Women fall so easily to the rhetoric of victimhood. Exploit the ensuing chaos by shipping the kids off to government indoctrination camps for 10 hours per day.

If they are ever accurately fingered for their crimes we may see the return of public guillotines.

FSK said...

"Carbon dioxide causes global warming" may be the modern equivalent of eugenics. Allegedly, the grandchildren of the people who pushed eugenics are pushing "CO2 causes global warming".

We're just in a time of increasing solar output and an overall warming trend. It's a "correlation confused with correlation" fallacy. (And the scientists who "proved" correlation faked their data.)

Elusive Wapiti said...

Thanks for the link Cappy.

Perhaps if the average American were to read up on how heavily US family law borrowed from the Bolsheviks, things may change.

Then again, it may not. Too many constituencies benefitting from the divorce industry. Mores the pity.

Anonymous said...

A three part interview with Yuri Bezmenov can be found here ..

Looking at his predictions and projections and comparing the present situation in education, he just might have a point

Phil B

Anonymous said...

Worthless sexual advice is mostly to prevent the white ghetto lottery: suing wealthy institutions (schools) because Ms. Perfect was gamed and played by a teenage boy of the wrong "background". Schools and unions and workplaces and any other institutions of considerable size want nebbishes who pay the bills and work their lot, an asset rather than a potential expense.

Communist conspiracies can be real, but the great power of feminism is its legal power. It is a consequence of a dying theology. Pagans put women on perfect pedestals, whereas Abrahamic religions would blame them for knowing better than to swoon for the rakes.

Psychology, ironically, rather than materialism, delivered the fatal blow to the latter by justifying degenerate behavior as a consequence of the "subconscious". Once perversions are enabled, they stick around until they make a sexual plague and extinguish themselves. AIDS 2.0 is needed to reboot the West.

New Columbia Review said...

Anatoliy Golitsyn one of the highest ranking KGB agents defected to the US in the 1960s and began writing a book in 1964 which took him almost 20 years to finish, when he was became the most important unknown, unappreciated book of our lifetime. New Lies for Old, Followed by the Perestroika Deception in 1995.

Golitsyn basically predicted the entire events of the rapid decline and collapse of the communist bloc and Sovijet Union and then predicted the rise of the EU and Putin.

When you read Golitsyn you would think he is Nostradamus, but Golitsyn is right because he knows this was a KGB-Communist ruse all along.

Jack said...

Nice post! Thanks! Jack -