Tuesday, May 08, 2012

Eliminating "Black Studies" Would Help Blacks

I'll try to be brief.

Understand any "hyphenated-American" studies doesn't teach its students a skill or a trade that would help them secure employment in life.  It doesn't increase their earnings power, it doesn't help them close any wage gaps.  All it does is teach them woeismeism and brings about a self-fulfilling prophecy of failure (not to mention a healthy dose of racism, sexism, and bigotry of the left's side of the isle as well).

In my book I PURPOSELY WARN minorities and women about degrees that PURPOSELY target them because of their gender or race, NOT because these college programs desire to help them, but because of the exact opposite.  They wish to profit off of them and the victim mentality they want to instill in them.

It is here, of course, we run into the paradox of people who genuinely wish to help minorities, women and other non-white-male classes, are usually punished by the powers that be, not to mention (ironically) accused of racism/sexism/whateverismleftistshaveintheirinventoryofbullshit.

I once tried to stand up for women being treated poorly in second and third world countries and was called a racist because I critiqued the cultures that kept women at home and out of schools.  Ironically no women or women's rights groups in this country came to my aid, matter of fact, they merely also accused me of racism, and so, now you know where the Captain's loyalty stands today in America and what he thinks of chivalry.

Ergo, I say, just remain quiet and let these people waste their money and lives majoring in worthless subjects.  If they're going to accuse you of racism or sexism or whatever variant of bigotry is being served this week, when you're merely trying to prevent them from making a major mistake in their lives majoring in a worthless degree, to hell with them.

They can continue to enjoy their pay gap despite our best efforts to close it.


Amy said...

We now agree that Ms. Riley’s blog posting did not meet The Chronicle’s basic editorial standards for reporting and fairness in opinion articles....

My. Ass.

Also, fairness in opinion pieces? I didn't think objective subjectivity could exist.

Senior Manchild said...

we are way too far down the road to bankruptcy for people to so foolishly pursue such nonsense but hey,

¨...just remain quiet and let these people waste their money and lives majoring in worthless subjects¨

Cargosquid said...

They also stopped me from commenting after 26 comments and 36 likes. Of course, I just registered again under another handle.....

But I got bored.

The comments seem to be in support of Riley.

Jamila said...

I would say that black studies should not be eliminated, but instead folded in the larger history departments, akin to the way that women's studies should be a minor but probably shouldn't be a major.

I checked out the Chronicle article, and I think that some of the thesis statements will be very useful if the findings of said research are applicable to the practical purpose of eliminating racial inequality.

One of the men who received his Ph.D was a former practicing lawyer and his thesis was related to how stop-and-frisk laws negatively impact minorities. I don't think it's debatable that minorities experience the criminal justice system in a different way than white people.

Another of the Ph.D students wrote about black women and their experiences with childbirth and how black women seek medical treatment for pregnancy. Black women currently have higher rates of premature childbirth, are more likely to have an underweight baby, and to experience many of negative outcomes related to pregnancy as compared to white women. If this woman's research addresses these inequities, why is this a problem?

The problem with Ms. Riley's article was that it was all condescension and virtually no critique.