Monday, May 07, 2012

Can't Imagine Why Your Tuition is Going Up

Hmm...lemme see.

Pay raises for everybody.

Three new staff members for Minnesota's PRESTIGIOUS "College of Design" (I know, it's world renowned!)

And you idiotic college students can't figure out why your tuition is going up.


Rachel & Robert said...

Oh I knew, just wasn't anything I could do to stop them.

Ryan Fuller said...

A 2.5% pay raise? Holy crap, they're beating inflation! We must curb this ridiculous excess!

I have a hard time seeing this as looting the treasury, honestly.

Anonymous said...

The pederasty affair at Penn State has obscured another event there: the education bubble burst! The state has been reducing their level of funding and wishes to reduce it even more. Even tenured faculty have been laid off. Unfortunately the egregious Spanier, now former president, was cutting faculty from the agricultural college - this in the first land grant college in America!

A Happy Bicycle said...

Anonymous --
"Unfortunately the egregious Spanier, now former president, was cutting faculty from the agricultural college - this in the first land grant college in America!"

You can bet that all of the other departments will be cut and hacked before 'Womyn's Studies' is even trimmed, lest the harpies start howling how they're 'being oppressed'!

Tom Fisher said...

The fact that these new faculty each bring in millions of dollars of outside funding that would not have otherwise come to the state makes them a real deal. They more than pay for their salaries and support tuition reductions for students working as their research assistants. The reason tuition has gone up at the University of Minnesota is that the state has cut its funding of the University so severely in recent years that it now comprises only 15% of the overall budget. Before you dismiss the University, you should get your facts straight.

Captain Capitalism said...

Hey Tom,

Shove it up your ass and shove it hard.

Where do those "millions of dollars come from?"

Not the private sector I bet. Great, I get to subsidize spoiled people's hobby of "design" at a public institution. Can only imagine the quality of design being on par with the west bank's art department.

And yeah, I do have my facts straight. I stopped over at the old Art school (forget what it's called now) on the west bank to compile salary data going back to the 1970's because it isn't available on the internet. Something tells me your stats don't go back that far.

I also noticed how since my time there's about 40% more employees at the U of MN and only about 12% more students.

And you jerk off "deans" and "administrators" not only increase in numbers, but your salaries MAGICALLY never go down. Only up and up more than inflation.

And GOOD if the state has cut funding to your worthless programs (though, if I recall as a percent of GSP it hasn't gone down as much as you purport). Two of my friends went to the U of MN's "School of Design" back in the 90's and they sure as hell aren't working in design. I think living at home in their 30's is their primary occupation because ST. PAUL MINNESOTA ISN'T THE MECCA OF FASHION DESIGN YOU MORON!

Yeah, I sure Tommy Hilfiger recruits heavily from the St. Paul campus.

But hey, don't let me and my FACTS get in the way of you milking naive kids from the Twin Cities suburbs out of their tuition money while fooling them into thinking they're going to become the next Ralph Lauren.

Cripes, "University of Minnesota School of Design." You rank up there with degree mills like "Globe College" and "Arts Institute Intenational"

Anonymous said...

Tom lets the crickets respond to that beatdown hahahaha