Tuesday, May 01, 2012

We Laughed, We Cried, We Linked

The real reason why they can't find a "good man."

I hate flakes.

Ooo!  Watch out, the truth will get you in trouble Uncle Bob.

Certainly not the students.

I wonder what it's like to live in a world where you think there are no consequences.  Must be fun, until you get older and reality comes crushing down on you.  Oh well.  Horrible to have happen to you, fun to watch though.

I officially approved of welfare last week.  "Plunder" sounds more manly though.

"God has a plan."  Yeah, his plan involves laughing at people who lack the courage to make decisions, are too cowardly to face and own the consequences, and outsource the sentientness he gave them by subscribing to fateism.  Good thing "the lord will provide."

"Through sickness and health....unless I meet a real rockstar then all bets are off."

Boys, you know what to do - enjoy that decline!


dienw said...

Hmm...The story is in the footnotes; you're just connecting the dots. Ha.

Jordan said...

Thanks for the linkage!

Pulp Herb said...

Ugh on the "God will provide" stuff. As someone who does believe and strive they piss me off.

God gave me a brain and two hand for a reason and stilling the later while the former justifies waiting isn't it.

I remember Sister Angelica had a nun who had founded a new order on her show. SA kept asking her why she did this and the founding nun kept saying "well, I'm just a stupid donkey and Christ led me" and such.

I thought SA was going to stand up and slap her.