Sunday, May 20, 2012

But Women Are Equal Now

Badger misses the fast ball across the plate, but I forgive him.  The correct response to this absurdity that "men don't pick up on our signals" is....

"Men and women are equal now.  Start acting like a man and approach us 50% of the time and express clear and obvious interest."

**"the absurdity of feminism" sigh**

OK, time for the lesson that the leaders of the 70's failed to tell you morons about choosing this idiotic path the country has obviously decided to go down:


You lovely ladies of the western world do not get to have it both ways.  You wanted to be treated like men, well little ladies, you got it.  Start "manning up," step up to the plate and start asking men out point blank.  You no longer get the excuse "well men should just be the aggressors" or "WELL I SENT HIM OBVIOUS SIGNALS!!! I LOOKED AT HIM!!!!."

So sorry, that won't do.  We're now going to pull up our lawn chairs, break them out, light up cigars, treat you like men and wait for you to approach.  Matter of fact, we have a lot of time to make up for when the men were oppressing you women.  Out of respect and retroactive apologies for our forefathers' evil oppressive behavior, we should just let you do all the approaching and asking for AT LEAST the next 50 years as reparations for our misogynistic behavior over the centuries.   

But, I'm sorry.

You know what.

That just isn't enough.

No.  I'm with you sisters!!!

We really oppressed you.

I mean we REALLY oppressed you.

And for that I am TRULY sorry.

So to make it up to you, we'll even do you the favor of "womaning up."  And by that I mean practicing our shooting down skills, our mockery laughter and our "say yes, but then cancel at the last moment" skills so you get the full male treatment.  I don't know how to flake, but I'm going to figure it out.  Trust me, you'll like it, because that's what you've always wanted, right?  To be treated as equals?  To be treated like men?  I'm with you sista, I am going to make DAMN SURE all you girls get what you deserve and are entitled to, and that is to be treated as GENUINE equals.

Heh heh.

I am so going to enjoy this decline.


Anonymous said...

hahaha, this is a classic post!

Anonymous said...

Bingo. Of course,they'll NEVER do all of the approaching,or even anything near 50% of it. They know what a shit deal they offer men.

Their response will be "Ok,men ans women are different. You proved your point. Let's go back to the way things were."

This is false capitulation.They haven't learned anything.

FORCE them to continue approaching if they want any dick or money.Shove the male experience down their throat until they choke on it.Until they'd rather die then continue living the same life men have to.If you back out too soon,they'll just go back to vacillating between "have cake and eat it too" and "eat cake and have it too".We'll break 'em from that goddamn habit.

When they have learned their lesson,you'll know it because they'll be asking us what WE want and swearing to do anything we ask, (last thing on a woman's mind,usually) crying and PLEADING with us to allow them to go back to being women.

Anonymous said...

Oh, and be sure to file a false rape claim or two if you wake up the next day next to a gal who isn't up to your standards.

And, marry one in a community property state (a richer gal that is), then quit your job, sit at home, and when she complains, file divorce for half her assets. /snark

Enjoy the decline, good buddy.

PS. Love the new site design.

~ your faithful follower from the PRK.

Arch said...

All they want is sex anyway. Everybody knows that! And they LIKE paying for everything. If you don't make them pay for everything they feel like they're not doing anything for you! And they LIKE it when you put demands on them!

Oh, and don't put out until the third date or she'll think you're a slut!

Indiana_gol said...

Dead on.