Friday, May 11, 2012

Shooting Themselves in the Foot

I had linked previously to this post before about various governments (CT, MN, etc.) trying to unionize day care providers which I was originally against, but after thinking about it, I am totally for.  Unless my logic is flawed, the majority of women vote democrat and are always "for the children."  Of course they never pay for whatever the latest, bloated and completely unnecessary government program is, the taxpayer does.

However, if day care providers are unionized the price of an already expensive service is going to go through the roof and most parents do pay for that.  Even without unionization I've heard anecdotal stories of mothers opting to leave their job and (GASP!) RAISE THEIR CHILDREN because they were actually losing money going to work.  You throw in a 40% price increase with a 50% drop in quality and competence, women will not only be rushing to pull their kids out of day care, they'll abandon the democrat party in droves.

Or is the Captain just high on enjoying the decline on this one?


Country Lawyer said...

You're high.

They'll just start demanding subsides.

People will start calling daycare a "right"

and down it will go

Ollie said...

Nope, Cappy, you've got the right idea on this one. One of the lovely things about leftists is that they have a solid habit of not considering the idea of unintended consequences.

A benefit to this legislation for them (and the population at large) though, is that the unemployment rate would start to drop.

Let's hope that the Republicans in the legislature kindly let this one slide through.

New Columbia Review said...

Nope you're right. Conservatives can learn from Saul Alinsky's Rules for Radical all we have to do is overload the union system break it and people will flee from the Democrat party faster than rats from a sinking ship.

Unknown said...

I am for unionizing them and otherwise making it so expensive that people cannot afford it and therefore have to pull their kids off.

Then less babies and children will die in daycare.

Anonymous said...

Captain, I see that backfiring on you. Once the price goes up and the quality goes down the mothers will scream for more taxpayer subsidies... for the children. Then as the money is allocated the industry will fall further into a bureaucracy and tax money induced drunkenness.
Remember, the only thing that can fix a government problem is more government.

Anonymous said...

Even STEM is starting to feel the squeeze. For a college graduate with 6 figure debt/lost income, 8 percent unemployment carries the weight of like 20 percent unemployment for Joe Dropout. It is DEPRESSION.

No college degree can be called an investment now. All of them fail, at least when you adjust for risk tolerance.

BigD said...

"Or is the Captain just high on enjoying the decline on this one?"

Perhaps just a tad too optimistic about the chances of a Democrat engaging in the logic of self-preservation.

We've had unionized public schools, with the attendant degradation, for a long time now and Democrats still fight against any form of privatization or choice.

Mike43 said...

Nope; that's a logical assumption. But you have to quit using dynamic analysis, you're confusing the liberals.

That is why taxes always bring the amount projected. There are no laws of unintended consequences.

Raise the price of childcare, of course that will mean more people will use it.


Cogitans Iuvenis said...

Well things do like to exist in a state of equilibrium. Perhaps we will be fortunate enough and the leftists will consume themselves via their own short sighted policies. I think I could die laughing if the very policies they put forward just further validate old fashioned sense and morals.

Anonymous said...

Do you see rainbows with Obama's head being eaten by Romney Unicorns?

If so, you might be high as a kite.

Sonny Ortega said...

You're right. Whatever makes the mothers stay at home and freakin take care of that kid. They think they can pop out a baby and then conveniently give him up to a daycare when they feel like "pursuing their dreams" and "being independent". And then of course at some point in their kids live, they go "but what about the childreeen?" Yeah, they don't give half a rat's ass about their children. I mean, kids are fun to play with, but, god, not the whole day, right? I mean, they need some "me" time to, like, go shoe shopping, you know, right?

In other news, America gets slapped across the face with the Laffer curve once again.

Matthew Walker said...

So the Dems step in, declare market failure, and provide daycare for "free" out of my pocket -- to loud hosannas from "working" "moms" in every HR department throughout the land.

PPACA ring a bell?

CBMTTek said...

Probably won't work out that way though.

More likely, the cost of daycare will skyrocket, and the poor parents will petition the government to provide relief, either through vouchers, price controls, or, dare I say it??? tax breaks.

Net result, the parents will do everything they can to make sure the increase in day care costs is in fact taken up by the taxpayer.

Thane Eichenauer said...

I'll put in a bid for just high. As with medicine there is a segment of day care that is paid for by the client and a segment that is paid for by various and sundry third parties (insurance and government). There are plenty of day care clients whose bill is paid for by the government in Arizona and I presume the same is true in the other 49 states.

Anonymous said...

Hmmm, this is actually a very good point. A taste of their own medicine!

joe slow said...

Nope Cap, your not high. The state's are already bankrupt. Sooner they start firing the parasites, the better or at least more entertaining.

Anonymous said...

I agree with you. Here in South Africa, the only reason (middle-class) mothers are still working in droves is due to the fact that the daycare industry is largely unregulated and the absurdly cheap price of domestic labour. For the same price as a DECENT daycare, you can get a 'domestic assistant' to look after your kid (or 2 or 3) AND clean the house for an entire month. The government is looking to regulate the daycare industry and one can imagine what effect that will have on daycare supply, and hence, price. I think many mothers will then find that it hardly even makes economic sense to work outside the home.