Sunday, September 22, 2013

The Clarey Podcast

Welcome to the Podcast Archives!  Take the Captain with you in the car, on a flight, or during a run!

As of  8-15-14 I've moved the podcast archive to Podomatic.  You can find all the new episodes here.  The episodes below are hosted on for free,  but have limited bandwidth and may not be available for download.

8-14-14 The Clarey Podcast 60

In this episode of The Clarey Podcast Aaron is in Seattle where he and his friend discuss;

Cappy's aggressive driving
Idiots who stand in line for 2 hours to get coffee at the original Starbucks
Ruining his reputation by helping a kid


Cappy's dream of being airdropped into the Minnesota State fair armed with tasers where he goes Wolverine on a tasing rampage

8-4-14 The Clarey Podcast 57

Two funny jokes,
my awesome grandma
blaming the border problem and lack of US sovereignty of females voting democrat
The Royal Order of the Water Buffaloes
The Mecca of Grunge and Hipsters (Uptown in Minneapolis) has officially been taken over by frat boys

And more!

7-28-14 The Clarey Podcast 56

Forcing yourself to take time off
18 months not knowing you had a dishwasher
50 shades of gray the movie
Feminists invade comic-con
The bar Aaron could never attend closes
And hands down the BEST RIPPING APART of a female troll who insists she deserves children without a husband.

7-21-14 The Clarey Podcast 55

Getting fired for your political views
Why Laughlin, Nevada is the future of America
An interview with The Great Matt Baldoni
Striving to succeed as a self employed individual

7-14-14 The Clarey Podcast 54

Cheering on the demise of the US
Fan mail
Enjoying the misery of others
HR ladies can't do math
The girl Aaron loathes the most and how she's now outsourced the upbringing of her children to day care
Crying Brazilians
Argentina's default

and MORE!

7-7-14 The Clarey Podcast 53

How nice destroys countries,
a motorcycle ride to the Bakken,
auctioning off my ex gf's tits,
"I don't live my life for men,"
pregnant isn't beautiful,
neither are tats,
Phil and his dog living the American dream,
hairy armpits for extra credit

and MORE!

6-23-14 The Clarey Podcast 52

Debating about whether to take the crotch rocket to the Bakken Oil Field
The problems you're going to have with success
When male friends of different races use racial epitaphs to show affection
Listener e-mail "how will the US collapse?"
Cappy's trouble with tornado chasing.

6-16-14 The Clarey Podcast 51

 Advanced apologies from the road because I was driving to visit my dad for father's day.  So if you're against this podcast you're against father's day and you're evil and hate all fathers.

No, actually, you aren't.  You just don't like marginal audio quality.

Still, in this latest podcast:

How the Mighty Morphin POwer Rangers are Creepy
How the National Park Rangers in Glacier National Park are Hippie Nazi's you can ignore
Not regretting having children
And the amazing absence of black people in horse racing


in this totally non-racist, non-horse-a-phobic, non-Might-Morphins-Power-Ranger-Anti-Pedophiliac episode of The Clarey Podcast!

6-3-14 The Clarey Podcast 50

Post Vegas sickness and weakness,
MBA professors faking their intelligence in Hungary,
Defending the online IQ test,
Realizing you are above average,
and a horrible price is paid for a lack of masculine men in society.

and MORE!

5-15-14 The Clarey Podcast 49

Hoping Aurini and Forney don't drink too much before we hike in 92 degree weather
How the Captain just wants a small trailer to live in during winter in Arizona...with his mistress
"Troll of the Weak!"
There is no merit unto college itself
Your mind can't grow when arguing with a leftist
Americans, especially college students, are stupid enough to swallow whole "Privilege 101"

and MORE!

In this episode of The Clarey Podcast!

5-12-14 The Clarey Podcast 48

The jazz scene in the Twin Cities
The one black girl I dated
When your parents violate your right to self-determination
How bad could prison be if you had internet

and MORE

in this latest episode of The Clarey Podcast.

4-29-14 The Clarey Podcast 47

Aaron tells is "Hippie Chick With a Staph Infection in Idaho" story,
The Mandatory decade all college students are condemned to wander in the desert
Aaron doesn't understand "Tinder,"
Responds to the "live in your mother's basement" accusations, 
Asks, given Dartmouth's recent caving to an spoiled brat college student, if college is for education or indoctrination.


in this episode of The Clarey Podcast!

Language warning.

4-8-14 The Clarey Podcast 46

A "from the field podcast" that includes:

The Captain's Las Vegas Stripper Story
the Born Again Christian/Churchianity version of "Jesus Loves Me This I Know"
why Aaron and his brother are ending the Clarey line forever
the saddest stripper in the world
reminiscing about Grandpa and what the 50's must have been like.

4-1-14 The Clarey Podcast 45

The increasing number of idiots in our military
Cavarrici jeans, Vail, Vanilla Ice concerts and other things douchey rich kids consumed in the late 80's,
and why every man needs to go out west

3-25-14 The Clarey Podcast 44

Divorcing women with horses, My Little Pony, HR diversity broads realize they need math, and MORE!

3-18-14 The Clarey Podcast 43

An all female company goes belly up, how friends who abandon their friends once they start dating somebody should pay a tax when the break up and sheepishly want to come back into the gang, Crimean politics and Russia, and how the only source of pride for kids today is "college."

3-13-14 The Clarey Podcast 42

A podcast from the field as Aaron got called into work.  Aaron talks about South Park the Stick of Truth, how you can't force yourself to go to sleep, do cats arrogantly ignore god like they do people when they go to Kitty Heaven, wonders who to cheer for in the Ukrainian affair, and says you deserve to get invaded if you only have 6,000 combat ready troops.

3-5-14 The Clarey Podcast 41

Why Senator Murphy looks like he has kids in the basement,
How there's ALWAYS an excuse to eat and not work out,
A movie review of "3 Days to Kill"
Why Connecticut gun owners should refuse to comply with the new gun registration law,

and MORE

in this episode of The Clarey Podcast!

2-28-14 The Clarey Podcast 40

Is there such a thing as a Vietnamese Bar?  How the government, media, and education industry abuse, use, and destroy the lives of women, why you should pay people to do your homework, European vs. American liberalism, how to bet liberal chicks to get them in bed.

2-18-14 The Clarey Podcast 40

In this episode I discuss how I will be going "curse free" for a week as a request from several people to see if it boosts readership.  I also delve into why people curse, why it's good to have hate and anger, and opine how cushy life must be for people who don't curse.  Also, a review of The Lego Movie which leads to a plea for adults to not forget what it was like to be a child.

2-11-14 The Clarey Podcast 39

Minnesota cold, wood management, how feminism replicates a virus or a cancer, "MyRA's" and a fan letter from Romania and MORE in this episode of The Clarey Podcast

2-3-14 The Clarey Podcast 38

Name one problem the left has ever solved
Why you should never buy GTAV for 360
Why if blacks listened to this podcast the democrats would never gain political office again
The sad case of indians.
Why it's now perfectly moral to pay other people to do your homework
Why Superbowl 48 was the gayest superbowl ever
How younger, hotter, minority women are scaring the crap out of their 30-40 something American counterparts.

1-16-14 The Clarey Podcast 37

In this latest episode the Captain talks about how the younger generation deserves what it gets and how their ego's override their detriment.

He also talks about how women watch the dumbest shit on television, and bar sports, men can't hold a candle to they crap they watch.

He then also delves into how there's a wave of feminist judges entering the legal system that care more about socialism and feminism than meting out justice.


In this latest episode of The Clarey Podcast!
12-23-13 The Clarey Podcast Episode 35

This episode we talk about how truly free people do not want to be pestered about scheduling and details, especially things 2 months in advance.  We also talk about how Matt Forney and Erin McCarthy are at each other's throats now, but will likely hook up and get married and make muchas smoochas!  There is some miscellany of discussion about how old people just don't try to drive good anymore, and a tirade against how Kwanzaa is not a real holiday and never will be!

12-13-13 The Clarey Podcast Episode 34

Two articles from the middle of nowhere Wisconsin
How buying property in big liberal cities is like buying into a large and expensive HOA
Why my friends are all depressed, some suicidal
Why socialism doesn't even warrant discussion
Has ANY charity or non-profit solve the problem it claims


on this latest episode of The Clarey Podcast.

12-3-13 The Clarey Podcast Episode 33

Podcasting on the road (literally), Aaron asks why anybody lives where there's snow and liberals, tells the sad story about how the only memento he has from his childhood is a 1970 Hoover vacuum, explains why there is no longer any shame in collecting a government check, gives a helluva plug for Ranger Self Defense, and finishes off with a MANDATORY rant about racism and how the left has just destroyed people of color.

11-19-13 The Clarey Podcast Episode 32

Aaron wants Exxon Mobil to put him in charge of their CSR department, he calculates that teen moms could breed 6 generations, making them great great great grandparents before they die, talks about being a misanthrope (look it up), and explains what you should get people for Christmas.

11-13-13 The Clarey Podcast Episode 31

Aaron updates us on the latest "Racist Running Game" bout, advises a reader how to enjoy the misery that most welfare recipients endure, talks about the "Lost Jewish Bar of St. Louis Park," and tells some stories about different bars he visited out west.

11-4-13 The Clarey Podcast Episode 30

Aaron talks about how all the generations, bar the WWII generation, pretty much suck.  How political correctness prevents younger generations from identifying and solving problems.  He's amazed how women were sold on the idea that "work is great," and then celebrates as a NY Times article cites a decrease in the number of students majoring in the liberal arts.

10-25-13 The Clarey Podcast Episode 29

 Aaron wonders if the children of liberals will ever visit their parents in the nursing home given how bad they screwed up the country, wonders if leftists are capable of admitting 1/3rd of the country is collecting a check, finally figures out why he hates people who wait in line (they're SWPL's!), theorizes if Chick-a-Fillet will ever live up to the hype, and explains why cutting and hauling wood is manly.

10-9-13 The Clarey Podcast Episode 28

Aaron talks about how good conversation is better than a sports car, what drawbacks lie ahead for people who advance to the frontier of individualism and minimalism, trying to find a belt, and a screed against head phones.

10-1-13 The Clarey Podcast Episode 27

Aaron explains how when there is no future, no jobs, no quality members of the opposite sex for mates, and housing is now a liability, then there is nothing leftists, liberals, commies and socialists can do to shut us up or shut us down. Plus he takes some e-mails and talks about Bill O'Reilly's new book and "female chick porn."

9-24-13 The Clarey Podcast Episode 26

Aaron explains to the youth why home ownership is a losing proposition, why you should appreciate self-employment if you can get it, how to torture HR with questions as stupid as they ones they ask you, and a mess of general tomfoolery to prove more entertaining and intellectually stimulating than most other podcasts.

9-17-13 The Clarey Podcast Episode 25

Aaron talks about how he doesn't give advice away for free, discusses the 1960's shows "Combat!" and "12 O'Clock High," how Gen X hasn't matured an ounce since 1991 and make lousy bosses, how he discovered where "divorce is made" in the suburbs and more!

9-2-13 The Clarey Podcast Episode 24

Aaron talks about how Gen X is the shittiest generation of parents ever, how it's GREAT to be in shape when you run into an ex that has let herself go, why psychologists make up new acronyms to excuse bad parenting, the key to good podcasting, how he set the kid straight, and other great tirades!

8-25-13 The Clarey Podcast Episode 23

Aaron talks about World War Z and how the actor who portrayed a zombie did such excellent acting, he deserves an academy award.  He also talks about how real men don't let their wives force them to see "The Butler" and pontificates about how men are to blame for letting women decay to such a point.  He then manages to link malaria, a red head he dated once, "The Great Raid," guns at schools, and tonic water.  And finally, eviscerates parents who let their kids major in the liberal arts, comparing them to parents of the racist thugs who murder people because they're bored.

8-4-13 The Clarey Podcast Episode 21

Aaron tells his "Sex Ed in the Lutheran Parochial School" story, how preacher's kids end up having sex in the 7th grade, gives a shout out to his buddy that recently passed away (Big Bill), and makes a bet with himself to see just how good he is at sizing people up with prejudgement, cynicism, and a general distrust of the average human being.

7-31-13 The Clarey Podcast Episode 20

The Captain talks about how "back to school sales" should be banned during summer, the "skirt chaser 5k," how night clubs are no longer viable places to pick up chicks, hating Americans who hate America, and more!

7-21-13 The Clarey Podcast Episode 19

The Captain does a "pitch podcast" from the field as he makes his travels and travails to Alaska.  In this episode you hear about the "girl with the staph infection," Davis Aurini guest stars in this podcast as well, and the details about avoiding deer while riding a motorcycle in Idaho.

6-30-13 The Clarey Podcast Episode 18

Another "from the field" podcast as Aaron hunts for the elusive "Hippie Hole" of South Dakota.  Join him as he talks about the economics behind small towns, how easy it's going to be to set up shop in South Dakota to subvert Mark Dayton's Amazon tax, how he'd like to do stand up with his minority friends and they would just exchange racial jokes to the shock of the audience, and some interesting facts about dirt roads in the west.

6-18-13 The Clarey Podcast Episode 17

Recorded while hiking Battle Mountain in South Dakota, in this short podcast Aaron talks about the proper use of the "c" especially on a woman who deserves it, how a democrat bumper sticker really is a good proxy for person with mental problems, park board people, and how he hates large thugs who target the weak, frail and elderly.

6-10-13 The Clarey Podcast Episode 16

Why people who say, "Why aren't you happy?  Why are you so angry?" need the shit kicked out of them, how radio and the entire entertainment industry is going to be destroyed by the internet, and how and why the Manosphere will never go away and is a gold mine for anybody brave enough to speak candidly about the state of men in society.

5-30-13 The Clarey Podcast Episode 15

In this episode Aaron talks about the finer points of tornado chasing, how normal people make better artists and actors, he just decimates 20 something liberal art majors to the point they'll never get up again, he ponders how stupid people hold up the rest of society, and shares some GREAT news about Davis Aurini.

5-16-13 The Clarey Podcast Episode 14
In this episode Aaron ponders if they'll have "Bachelor Work Camps" wherein they force childless bachelors to work more to pay taxes to support the socialist system, talks about the run he had and how the suburbs are vacated during the work day, how there really aren't any desperate housewives in the suburbs (just old rich men), and wonders why you have to remember birthdays or Mothers and Father's Day.

5-12-13 The Clarey Podcast Episode 13
Aaron showcases his new recording equipment and software as he talks about how he'd rather have a celebrity roast than a funeral, how church was so boring he actually read the bible, why baptisms are considered "church going into overtime," why everybody should write a book, how it's sad men can no longer ask women to dance, and that yes, he is indeed good looking.

5-2-13 The Clarey Podcast Episode 12
In this episode we learn about how a Chrysler Sebring is NOT like a James Bond Aston Martin.  Also what it's like to live the bachelor life in St. Petersburg, how Wyoming is not a "hidden secret" the locals like to claim it is, how Fed Ex packages have now replaced Christmas gifts, people who stink, and how they might bring back stoning just to kill the Captain.

4-25-13 The Clarey Podcast Episode 11
Aaron talks about Baby Boomer meat markets, how "traditional grandmothers" might become extinct, how he hates it when bank tellers fake taking an interest in you, and he asks corproate America the question - "What's the next, greatest innovation in business?  CSR?  Linked in?  Lobby and rent seeking?"  Some of his finest work.

4.-17-13 The Clarey Podcast Episode 10
The Captain takes umbrage at a comment from a guy who ridicules him about "working at home" while he watches Bugs Bunny.  The Captain also questions the psychology of people who don't mind standing in lines.  Is their job that boring a line is considered a "treat?"  And finally an asshole of a coin dealer that refuses to help out the Captain in his quest to measure the difference between the physical and paper price of gold!

4-6-13 The Clarey Podcast Episode 9
The Captain talks about his salsa dancing escapades in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.  How he had a dance off with some black gay dancers at the local gay bar and why he has more diversity than most poser leftists and liberals.  What people really want out of a job and a career.  And how he absolutely refuses to send "thank you letters" to HR people or people that have interviewed him.

3-22-13 The Clarey Podcast Episode 8
Aaron talks about how cars are being progressively made more and more for chicks and how this will ruin cars.  Aaron also talks about who his favorite talk radio show hosts are, as well as explains "the early dark days before the Manosphere" and how men figured this stuff out on their own.  Show was heavily edited for quality purposes, however, you will DEFINITELY want to tune in at the 45:00 minute mark.

3-15-13 The Clarey Podcast Episode 7
The latest podcast from "The Clarey Podcast" includes Marissa Mayer's (Yahoo CEO) decision to force her employees to work at the office instead of home, the failure of Americans to embrace the telecommute revolution, how women would prefer to sleep with Richard Branson vs. Mark Dayton, how Michael Bloomberg is the reason the 2nd Amendment was created, why the Captain would love to meet him in a dark alley, and what drives men to succeed and achieve (sex and physical attraction, BTW).

3-06-13 The Clarey Podcast Episode 6
Why can't Aaron find shoe laces?  "Special Ops Dachshunds."  And how to extract the maximum amount of pity and pampering from women when you're sick.

2-24-13 The Clarey Podcast Episode 5
The world's greatest rant against grammar nazis that is sure to make sure nobody corrects your English ever again.  Aaron also discusses his amazement how people are shopping at the Mall of America despite the economy, how you need to drink more when you have more family members in attendance at gatherings, and a miscellany of intellectually stimulating stuff.

2-17-13 The Clarey Podcast Episode 4
What happens when chicks unknowingly turn down an accomplished ballroom dancer when he asks them to dance?  Well, you'll see.  Also "finding the worst block of the Minneapolis ghetto" and how liberal arts majors are to blame for high gas prices.

2-11-13 The Clarey Podcast Episode 3
The Grammies, how men/women like Guys/Girls Night out (and how you get pissed when it gets canceled), girls who drive Chevy Cavaliers and Pontiac Sunfires, how lines are for sheeple communist SWPL's, how did Moses get lost on the Sinai Peninsula for 40 years?  It's impossible!  And the married man who envied my luxury omelete.

2-4-13 The Clarey Podcast Episode 2
Learn about pumping gas in the cold, why tornado chasers at the NOAA are stealing money from the taxpayers, and the difference between people who are independent and those that claim they are.

1-30-13  The Clarey Podcast Episode 1
The maiden voyage of The Clarey Podcast takes off.  Learn about why Clarey isn't so smart, he just has a lot of time on his hands.   Clarey also asks if you're rather make $20,000 a year and sleep in till 10AM or slave away for $60,000 while driving your kids all over the place.  A review of the movie "Parker" is also included.

1-18-13  Aurini and Clarey 
A conversation of no particular topic between Davis Aurini and Aaron Clarey recorded in the hinterlands of the Canadian Rockies.  Booze may have been involved.

11-5-12 Avoiding the Misery of Feminism
An audio version of Clarey's semi-famous youtube video about the pitfalls of "hating women" turning you into the same hate-filled feminists we all so um...hate.


Anonymous said...

Don't forget the one where you interview the college student.

Anonymous said...

Agh! I need to download them but they're out of bandwidth!

A Dad said...

Aaron, Linked from fav Dr. Helen and enjoyed Advice Deficit. Now, stop being a pussy about it being cold in MN - what do you expect? I'm in AB and its great (-10C or so).

And I recommend which maybe a better.

I enjoyed all the bitter guy diatribes. Keep it up buddy.

A Dad said...

Aaron, Linked from fav Dr. Helen and enjoyed Advice Deficit. Now, stop being a pussy about it being cold in MN - what do you expect? I'm in AB and its great (-10C or so).

And I recommend which maybe a better.

Keep it up buddy.

A Dad said...

And your might enjoy this old anthem.

ChrisP said...

Correct link for the 4-25 podcast:

Anonymous said...

do you put these on itunes or could you get a feedburner account? makes it easier for those with podcatchers.

Saw you at liberty Mastermind. I want to be the lion NOT in the cage.

very inspiring.


Anonymous said...

anxiously waiting for another podcast

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