Wednesday, September 18, 2013

We Should All Go On Welfare

I make the argument that we should not just go Galt, but go full parasite on Kerry Lutz's show.  Very interesting conversation.


. said...

O/T article you might like, Captain.

Donttreadonmatt said...

You've got to get on the dole out of principle. No more excuses, get your butt down there and get your EBT card, already! Then maybe Fox will do a story on you, and you can talk intelligently about why you're on the dole, as you did in this interview.

lepine said...

I'm way ahead of ya, captain. I've been on foodstamps, *and* working a full-time job, tax free! Catch me if you can, guvmint!

Evil dude said...

We could solve two problems at once by recycling nuclear waste into EBT cards. Think of it as a slow, silent vasectomy in the pockets of millions of useless eaters.

Mark said...–Piven_strategy

The lefties have had the same plan, only they hope (intentional word choice there) that a socialist 'utopia' will rise from the ashes.

I think a collapse might divide your country, both sides getting their wish, in half the country, you'll be the new Germany. If you are going to help bring down the welfare state this way, best that you do it from safely within texas, not California. You don't want to find yourself living in East Germany 2.0. Same politics and politicians as you have now of course, only now they shoot you for trying to leave.

Paul E. Zimmerman said...

Can coupons be used if a purchase is being paid for with EBT?

I'm curious because I saw some tool out there recently whining about the results of his idiotic attempt to do that "SNAP Challenge" thing without blowing the $4.50/day budget they set for themselves. I'm tempted to try it myself, and of course I'd like to make a mockery of their results as much as I possibly can.