Saturday, September 07, 2013

The Financial Advice Bible for Men

Greetings all,

After much debate and pondering I have settled on the next book and what it will be about - it will be the ONE and ONLY guide young men (and women) need to manage their entire financial lives.

Of course it would apply to anybody, but it will be particularly helpful to young men because it is harsh advice (thus I believe most young women will ignore it) and the younger you are the more help this book will provide.

Unlike Enjoy the Decline or "Worthless" however, it's going to take a little more time to write on account "Worthless" was a relatively short book and "Enjoy the Decline" was written while working an insane 16 hour per day, 2 month security stint.  And if you have 16 hours per day to sit in a room, you'll churn out books pretty quick too.

Since that is not the case, I'm aiming to have this next book available by Christmas shopping season so you can buy yourself or a loved on this book.

However, the title will not be "The Financial Advice Bible for Men."  it's much cooler than that.  Just don't want to give it away.



Anonymous said...

If I had a job I'd buy your books Captain, I want: Enjoy the Decline, Top Shelf and this one. Maybe soon I will get a job and will then buy your books.

Carl said...

Looking forward to it, and I ain't young.

Anthony Pacheco said...

Excellent. I look forward to reading and using it in our homeschool lessons.

Wilco said...

My "investment strategy" can be summarised thusly:

No wife.
No kids.
No debt.

I can honestly say that I found my own way to those groundbreaking (ha!) ideas. More recently though, I've been implementing some of the good Captain's advice:

I got rid of ALL the stuff I hadn't used in the last year - guys, you have no idea how good it feels to unburden yourself of useless junk.

I ride a motorbike..alright...a (cough) Vespa as much as possible, as per the Captain's suggestion. I still have some leftover muscle that serves as a poignant reminder of how much I wasted on cars when I was younger. Kinda fun, but fast cars never got me laid; irony of ironies, the Vespa has!

Next year, me and my toys are moving back onto base where I'll bank about 80% of my after tax income. Oh yeah - no cooking, no cleaning, no maintenance. Why the hell didn't I do this sooner?

I'm feeling very, very good about my future.

Wilco said...

Hey Cappy! I'm going to make a very presumptuous suggestion, hear me out! The quality of the commentary on your blog is generally a lot better than other parts of the manosphere. There's a pragmatism and empiricism here that I just don't find elsewhere.

I would love, LOVE to be able to talk more freely and directly to the other guys (and girls) who come here.

Is there any chance you would consider hosting a forum on the site? I'd happily donate towards the set-up/running costs, and I bet I'm not the only one. Hell, I'm sure there'd be some bucks in it for you. As well as the warming-glowing-warming-glow of having made the Internet a better place.

Captain Capitalism said...

No, would like to, but too much time.

Unknown said...

Well now I know PART of what I'm getting Corporal for Christmas!

Black Coffee said...

Your upcoming book is on the top of my must get reading list for December. In the meantime can you reccomend any financial advice books to start with.

Karl said...

Capt, your timing is perfect as always.

At the rate I'm going, by Christmas I'll be as poor as a liberal arts major after 5.5 years of anthropology courses covered by govt loans.

Let me know how I can pre-pre-order your book!

Anonymous said...

You were in Milwaukee and you didn't stop by!??!!?? Shoot, If I had known you were that close I would have baked a cake.
Madison, WI
(home of beer, brats and broad women)

Anonymous said...

Sounds GREAT! I got my nephew Worthless for his birthday. Look forward to handing off more good advice with your future books.