Saturday, September 07, 2013

The Captain Opens His Milwaukee Office

Well, technically Lake Peewaukee.

I found some PRIME real estate right on Main Street and the Lake.

The terms were a 2 hour lease where they served me Mexican food and drink.  Figured I had to eat anyway so it was nice they included that in the lease.  The view from my office was SPECTACULAR as you can see.

And yeah, it was a tough day at the office.  I had to read "An Army of Davids" by Glenn Reynolds.  Only on chapter 2 and it's already an outstanding book, but will do a better review later.  But that aside, yeah, it was a busy day, sitting at a cafe on a beach, reading...but the new office certainly helped. 

I mean, I know I'm not as professional and successful as all my previous bosses and colleagues in banking.  I mean, they're the professionals in their cubicles and corner offices with that one window maybe with the view of a street.  And you know they're also very successful because they have to commute.  That right there is the sign of a really serious go-getter, somebody who commutes.  Oh, and don't forget, going through audit and investigation via the FDIC and OCC, that is "the" sign of real professionals.  No, I guess I'm just a failure at banking who couldn't hack it which is why I get these subpar accommodations and work schedule.

But some day, if I work really hard and make loans to cronies, retards, idiotic businessmen and trophy wives with horse hobby farms, then I'll get that office space right next to the toilet with a view of the atrium!

/> sarcasm

Seriously though, this is just a reminder to all my previous bosses who (I know read) and are stuck in their offices doing mind-numbing bullshit work during a gorgeous summer day.


Purpleslog said...

"Pewaukee". :-)

Unknown said...

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Larry Darrel said...

Mr Snow State,
I think your alternative office series is a real winner. You are communicating an important message with humor and grace:labor is more joyous when self-employed, not confined indoors and able to discard the corporate monkey suit.