Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Not A Lot of Nose-Pierced Investment Bankers

Been meaning to write about this, but Vox Day already did a decent enough job.

I will add that when I ordered my Subway sandwich last night I was physically repulsed by the cherry-red haired, nose pierced, lip pierced, brow pierced, disk-earring wearing pile of biomass that somewhat resembled a female human.  No doubt she was informed how special she was, how intelligent she was, and how she would become a great poet or she makes my sandwich.

I'm just saying you don't see a lot of investment bankers with nose piercings.


Anonymous said...

Why are you eating at Subway?

If you're on the road, get some tuna or sardines in olive oil, an apple and some dark chocolate. At least that way you're not eating the processed junk.

I very much like your blog, and now with I hadn't gone to college.

Anonymous said...

I bet you she's an Obama supporter! and she think he's doing a great job too

Anonymous said...

But if we're all supposed to enjoy the decline, who cares what we look like?

In any case, it sounds like someone needs to read Modern Primitives to at least get an idea why people do these things.

However, I'm a hypocrite, and I prefer my women unmarked and unaltered.

Anthony said...

Fun fact, the position of sandwich maker at Subway is officially called "Sandwich Artist". Because that arts degree has to apply somewhere.

Anonymous said...

That's right, and it is just as unappealing when I see a girl behind the counter with a bolt in her tongue!
"Woulth you likth thries with thihsss?"
"No thanks, Frankengirl. I think you got a thkrew looth."

Eric S. Mueller said...

I love Subway. At least when the workers don't act like every black olive comes out of their individual paycheck.

I haven't read Modern Primates, but I have heard that for whatever reason, segments of society are regressing to primitive, pagan type rituals involving markings and mutilation.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Anonymous 2:18 you idiot, it's called social capital, and white people can and should do it too. Trust, and yes kinship is a big part of trust, is absolutely essential in that line of work. Some of it spills over to nepotism, but no one ever said humans were perfect.

Someday white people are going to notice that the "anti-racist" crowd is either hypocritical in its networking, or it is using a fake moral high ground to justify social awkwardness.

"Racist" whites will soon learn to ignore the dorks who have so many ethnic "friends", just because they piss off their own families and communities and have no real friends anywhere.

Unknown said...

Hey! I had Subway today and two days ago at school. Had the cheesesteak one twice and it was great. Sorry to hear that happened to you. The leeches and freeloaders are everywhere.

Anonymous said...

I lost a girlfriend because I argued with her alternative friend (hair, tatts, piercings, etc) that it's every businesses right to decide who they do and don't want to represent them.
Fair enough if your job doesn't require interacting with clients or public (which this girl's didn't) but the moment it does involve them, then image counts.
This girl had been having trouble getting jobs outside of basic jobs at a community (government funded) newspaper.
I live in a state in Australia where policemen aren't allowed facial hair because a study was done that concluded that people trust men will facial hair. I'm not kidding.
I called and asked if there was going to be a policy requiring policewomen to keep their hair long and was told "don't be silly".

Anonymous said...

Self mutilated people are entertaining and thought provoking. The other day I saw a biker looking dude with a Swastika tattooed on his face. Can you imagine the reaction of some HR ditz when this guy walks in? I also wondered what combination of drugs, alcohol, and piss poor judgement would lead a person to identify with a group of Fuckwits who gassed six million people. As you can see, watching freaks and thinking about thier motivation is fun :-)

Faithless cynic

Anonymous said...

Investment Bankers dress nice and clean but they do not create wealth, they TAKE wealth. They contribute nothing to the economy, they only swap paper and devise complex financial scheme to take money from other people.

That pierced female probably creates more wealth and contributes more to the real economy by actually making a sandwich than all the investment bankers world wide united.

The economy is about making stuff, not taking money.

Anonymous said...

>> Investment Bankers dress nice and clean but they do not create wealth, they TAKE wealth. They contribute nothing to the economy, they only swap paper and devise complex financial scheme to take money from other people.

Next you'll be telling us that the speculator who sold you fire insurance was a social parasite. Because all he did was let you ==hedge== ==your== risk by agreeing to put a price on it and taking your money.

And you know, that's not as important as making a sandwich.

Rumbear said...

Then there was that time my Investment Banker created me a sammich and poured me a cuppa.....all I really wanted was wealth...hold the mayo.

"Sandwich Artist", "Investment Bankers", "Baristas"....all these titles, I get so confused.

Anonymous said...

Who wants to be an investment banker anyway? Aren't they part of the problem? I'm more than happy with my nose piercing and neck tattoo working as a power plant operator, thank you. There are plenty of good jobs out there that don't care what you look like if you have a trade skill.