Wednesday, September 18, 2013

I just saw a PSA for ""

I want you to let that one sink in.

Is it sinking?

Still sinking???

Good, let us commence.

First, I know the intention of the site is good. It is promoting fathers.  No problem there.  BUt I cannot help but realize how the website is a contradiction.

The "fatherhood" and "gov" are antithetical to each other.  The government should not be the father.  The government should have no role in fatherhood.  But apparently men are just "so bad at fathering" the government needs to step in.  It's, in economic parlance, a example of "market failure" and the government needs to step in.

This is of course a testament to the genuinely crappy fathers out there, or the complete lack of them.  Whether the fathers ARE genuinely crappy OR the system has forced them to be absent OR the mothers chose poorly, it has come to this folks.  The government now needs to step in and tell us how to be good fathers.

Second, who is the federal government kidding?  If the federal government was REALLY concerned about the importance of fathers it would immediately relinquish it's role as "substitute father," cut off WIC, EBT, and refocus the attention on the individual and family, and ultimately the father as the head of the household.  The federal government would get out of the business of being a father and husband to single moms forcing women (and men) to think long and hard about bringing children into the world as they would suffer the full economic consequences of having children they can't afford.  And the federal government would lower taxes so parents would have more money to afford either a stay at home dad or mom.  Of course, millions of union government workers rely on the fact parenting has been outsourced to the state, and don't give a rats ass about the family, fatherhood, mothers or the children, rendering "" a marketing gimmick.

Third, it's too late, the federal government is the "ultimate alpha male."  Limitless funds, couldn't care less what the woman does, won't hold her up to standards, and will always pay.  No man can compete against the federal government.  He has not the funds, the patience, nor the ability to be that kind of provider.  Worse, you have roughly three, maybe even four generations now of single moms relying on the government as surrogate husband and father and they're accustomed to it, even preferring it over a real flesh and blood man.  It's laughable the government is now calling on men to become participatory fathers when the government kicked them out of being the head of the household.

Enjoy that decline.


Anonymous said...

I wonder if the government realizes the contradiction between supporting SSM (which is predicated on the idea that men and women are interchangeable), and having a "" website to promote fatherhood (as distinct from motherhood, which is predicated on the idea that men and women are different).

Who am I kidding. Political correctness involves removing logical truisms like contradictions.

Anonymous said...

This sort of thing goes without saying by now, but imagine the outrage if the government presumed to created a ""
The tacit implication here is that while a mother is naturally endowed with ALL skills necessary for raising a child, a father may just have NO such skills.

Ospurt said...

Is there a "Julia" comic to tell me how awesome being a father with government help is?

Laughingdog said...

Based on your list, it seems like the government is the ultimate beta male.

"Limitless funds, couldn't care less what the woman does, won't hold her up to standards, and will always pay"

CostelloM said...

The site should automatically redirect to which is really what the government means when it says "father". A "father" is not a parent, he is a provider of child support which is to be funneled through the closest Health and Human Services blessed attack company (like Maximus) who will "administrate" the money (read: take it) then send the dad the bill. This is the current definition of fatherhood.

CoffeeCrazed said...

Totally agree with Laughingdog. Can't watch the vid, but the list is the kind of thing that heartiste would tear to shreds.

generic medicines said...

Hahaah , the name reminds me of George orwell's Novel 1984.

Anonymous said...

Hey Cappy,

Here's one you should be made aware of:

Fancy being so bold as to point out that his children's education is basically just enough to get them into community college!

He's lucky they didn't lock him up!