Monday, September 23, 2013

Oh, John Surma, You Kill Me!

HAR HAR!!! (check #2)

Ah, good ole John Surma.  Always in for a good laugh.


sth_txs said...

As a staff peon in academia, I can assure Tom that everything he wrote was total garbage.

As peon years ago in the private sector, I can assure everything he wrote is total garbage.

This also the kind of junk that is published in Inc magazine.

How can we all be better slaves (comfortable slavery I must admit) for the corporate/government slave system?

Anonymous said...

A man speaks up to his name:

Southern Man said...

I'm still trying to convince my 21-year-old son of the value of actually SHOWING UP TO WORK on a regular basis.

faithless cynic said...

This crap may have worked 30 years ago. I tried being THE ULTIMATE COMPANY MAN and all it got me was lousy raises, shitty reviews, the hatred of my coworkers and finally termination. I work for myself now and do a temp gig now and then for extra money. FUCK THE CORPORATE PLANTATION

Anonymous said...

Interesting? Oh, by the way, Surma was fired, because he ran US Steel into the ground. Everything he says is total BS. I've had boomer bosses tell me the same thing, thinking I would prosper in my career. So, I followed this same advice and was crapped on by these boomer bosses when came time for my review. It was a hard lesson learned. Work for yourself, when possible.

Anonymous said...


aka "stroking" 25 years ago

bull shit never changes

it just recycles