Wednesday, September 11, 2013

No Kid Hungry

just saw a commercial for for "No Kid Hungry."  That's funny because:

1.  I thought hunger has been eliminated in the United States.
2.  The poor/lower income kids are actually obese.

How much you want to bet "No Kid Hungry" is just a bunch of socialist lefties looking to score some charity money so they can avoid jobs that require rigor, math and production.

Heck, they even have a "share your SNAP story" to further advocate dependence and parasitism.

Let's be clear where your money goes when you donate to such a faux-shell leftist "charity" organization.

It doesn't go to the kids.  It goes to the scum who abuse children as a means to enrich themselves.

God I'm sick of such scum.

(This post will be immediately retracted when child hunger is ACTUALLY ELIMINATED and they close shop and move onto more productive activities...but something tells me the children will "always" be hungry.  Won't they?)


daniel_ream said...

Regardless of its original raison d'etre, every bureaucracy's goal eventually becomes the perpetuation of its own existence.

Charities and similar nonprofits should have to renew their status every five years or so, and be denied if they can't show significant progress towards their original stated goal.

Donttreadonmatt said...

Kids get hungry every morning, right around breakfast time. If their parents refuse to feed them, for whatever sick, selfish reason, then we'll always have hungry kids. A retraction will never be necessary.

Anonymous said...

The only hungry people in the US are lazy/stupid/mentally ill because food is incredibly cheap. A subsistence diet of stuffing yourself on beans, rice, and a vitamin pill is about $1.50/day. This is a boring, bland diet, but provides complete nutrition and calories and is much better than hunger. Add cooking oil and a variety of vegetables, and it becomes $2.50/day.

Take The Red Pill said...

We've had a 'War on Poverty' and a 'War on Hunger' in this country for at least the last five decades -- yet we STILL have "hunger" and "poverty" (and thanks to government programs, we also have the most overfed/obese "hungry" and the most wealthy "poor" in the world). And (like "racism") we will have "hunger" and "poverty" just as long as there are some scumbag individuals and organizations that can make money from it.

Anonymous said...

Compensation numbers toward the bottom of the page.

Tom said...

It use to be you knew those in your town and if someone was hungry, you made sure they had something to eat and that the parents were not sick or not able to work. If everyone on the block they live on, got to know each other and their needs, no child or adult would ever be hungry.