Wednesday, September 04, 2013

The Trillion Dollar Liberal Arts Scam

When you're done hating the bankers, perhaps you youth can start hating your professors.

Because, of course, you're all intelligent and independent-minded and shit.


Anonymous said...

There's even a massive and growing glut of STEM graduates and PhDs, who have more and more difficulty finding and getting a job.

Academia is more of a racket these days. Probably one of the biggest of modern times too. They just squeeze the lemon for all it's worth.

Truth said...

"growing glut of STEM graduates and PhDs"

There has been a "glut" for years, unless you are a member of a selected minority, or under-represented group. That basically means - minority, or woman. That's it - if you aren't in one of those groups, you're wasting your time. Sorry to show you that you've been lied to, now get over it... What can you do that's useful? Program? That's probably it... So you'll be in that group, along with everyone else.

Yes, you were lied to. Get over it... I chose to "become" a protected group, via the miracle of corporations. You need an appropriately colored, or gendered - figure-head. But they are easy to come by - you'll need a lawyer to set it up properly, so the money goes into your pocket, when you use their skin color or genitalia to put money in your pocket.

The powers that be hate it when you use their crap against them, so you'll have to be subtle, but it's all legal... Remember who OWNS something, or RUNS something seldomly gets all the money... You get the money...

You got a degree in STEM, maybe even a PhD so you're smart. Use it to your advantage. Playing by the "rules" is for idiots and fools...

Ollie said...

Enjoy a nice hot, steaming cup of schadenfreude, Cappy:

-Half a million fewer students enrolled in colleges in 2012 than 2011
-Biggest drop is in mature students ages 25 and older"

I can't wait for the education bubble to pop either.

Glen Filthie said...

But they haven't been "scammed" Cap! Anyone with the intelligence to analyse their future career prospects will automatically reject the liberal arts out of hand.

There are two types of stupid: the stupidity that results from not being properly informed; and the stupidity that is willful and deliberate - pretty much all liberals will fall into that category too.

These idiots scammed themselves. Screw the lot of them.

Anonymous said...

The only problem (and I mean only ) with higher education is that the bubble still hasn't popped.

The whole point of college is that it is supposed to be just for smart people. Not everyone. Take 75% of students out of school and the problem is solved.

Can't do that though -- one of the great touch-me-nots of the modern American ethos is that everyone deserves to go to college. That's too bad.