Thursday, September 05, 2013

Poor Unemployed Humanities Professors

Now that their scam is known, they're having trouble getting kids to piss away their money on a worthless degree.

My favorite is that you could actually get degrees in "outdoor pursuits" and "travel, leisure and tourism."

And how much you want to bet the kids stupid enough to major in this stuff claim to be "really independent minded" and "great, smart, intellectuals?"

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Anonymous said...

I have been a RN for a few years going. Used the Post 9/11 GI Bill for the two year nursing program to earn my RN license. I am currently using the rest of my GI Bill for my BS in Music Theory.

My RN license will give me a pay check much more than my studies in music will ever give me. Are there times that being an RN is very trying? Absolutely, but damn, I have a recession/depression proof skill that will always be in demand.

Anonymous said...

I love how they decided to eliminate economics. I knew many students interested in economics before going to college; who actually became worst economists after they were finished with college.

The Great and Powerful Oz said...

Oh, the Humanity!

(hey, it was just sitting there)

Anonymous said...

here's a question... why was there a BA in CompSci, statistics, and applied mathematics when they offered the BS as well?

Anonymous said...

The entire academic pyramid scheme will go on untill every other man and woman on the planet has advanced credentials in something.

Those university professors and administrators more often than not think that an aptitude in parroting pieces of information is the same as intellectual creativity.

Put a large number of those highly credentialed, educated(tm) people together, they believe, and the novel ideas/tech, and hence the jobs, will somehow materialize out of thin air. Idiots.

Anonymous said...

I met a woman who was majoring in hotel management. I told her that most hotel managers had ever heard of such a degree and had instead worked a few months at the reception desk. She couldn't believe me.

At the time, she was on an unpaid internship... working the reservation desk at a hotel.

Alex said...

Hey Cap,

I just added your site to one of my main pages, Kick-Ass Sites:

Keep up the good work!

One Fat Oz Guy said...

Hey Cappy,

Here's an interesting youtube clip titled "Man Pays Property Taxes in $7143 One Dollar Bills":

A guy whose children are home schooled still has to pay taxes to fund schools, so he pays it on camera using only $1 bills!

Roy said...

People accuse Manospherians of being negative but, I can tell you stories like this make my day. Viva Pinochet!

Glen Filthie said...

Don't laugh. These fuckers got my daughter. They're good too, mark my words.

See - my daughter (and Yours Truly) have some minor artistic ability. I'm good with charcoal, sketching and design - she is race grade painter.

In any event, math is hard, art is fun and my young daughter made the mistake of talking to some pasty faced beardo prof in the fine arts dept at the U of C. He asks to see her work, so she goes home and brings it back for him to look at.

The beardo goes to work - he tells her how great her work is, how much potential she has, and what an utter idiot she has for a father that can't see any of that. Why, she should dump the sciences and enroll in the fine arts program! She is good enough to make a living at it dontchya know!!!

What's a 20 year old girl gonna do? Listen to the mean old man that wants to torture her with science and math - or listen to the cool hand Luke hippy prof - who admires her work and is full of encouragement?

And of course you can guess the rest: daughter graduates with a degree in fine arts (whatever that is) - and is now a till monkey in a sporting goods shop trying to pay off student debts on minimum wage. As an added bonus, during her years hanging out with the cultural elite and artsy fartsy tutu crowd...she discovered she was gay. GAH.

Don't dismiss these guys Cap. They can still do remarkable damage to young people and are not to be taken lightly. Sheesh, if you employed tactics like that anywhere else you would be looking at charges for fraud! Don't let this happen to you, and FFS don't let it happen to your kids.

Children do not inherit the sins of their fathers...but fathers have to answer for the sins of their children.

Unknown said...

Ultimate form of laziness right there. Might as well study tiddlywinks instead.

You're also correct about math. Out of all the classes I have to take this semester, the class actually takes effort, and lots of it too, despite that the professor really doesn't do much instead give a condensed version of what the damn textbook already talked about.

Breaker Morant said...

I went back to college at 36 for a Geography degree. Sounds worthless, but I had very specific reasons for doing so and it worked out fine. It was a second degree,(I had an earlier degree at traditional age) so I only needed major classes and didn't need the totally Marxist indoctrination classes.

However, there was/is a travel/tourism major in the Geography department that I think of as a "Worthless" major as it comports with everything you say. Lots of very hot girls in that major.

Anthony said...

At my job as a campus security desk job (a lesson I learned from Captain himself), I heard some poor saps bitching that their English teacher had them write a paper about the syllabus. Let that sink in.

cecilhenry said...

That's a really 'nice' picture on the link to the University of Calgary.

Africa for Africans, ASia for ASians, White Countries for Everyone??

A picture is worth a thousand words.

IN a white country of Canada, that's ethnic Genocide in action.

Anonymous said...

Captain, you have to watch these brainwashed college kids on Hannity. They debate the budget the deficit and economics. Liberal Democrats and Reublicans

We are so screwed !! I'd love to see you do a video on this with your thoughts

Part 1

Part 2

Anonymous said...

Interesting to note that
Applied Mathematics, Computer Science, and Pure Mathematics was on there.
But at the bottom it says they have either merged or are now being offered as a B.S. degree.
Applied physics is on there? Is this really difficult subject also worthless?

Anthony said...

"It is estimated that the closures will affect up to 12 students."

Nineteen programs. Will affect "up to" twelve students. Twelve.

It looks like all the same classes will be offered, even if the degrees aren't, but that's 19 "program administrators" they can let go.

SM777 said...

Captain, you have to watch these brainwashed college kids on Hannity. They debate the budget the deficit and economics. Liberal Democrats and Reublicans

We are so screwed !! I'd love to see you do a video on this with your thoughts
My thoughts:

The brainwashed college chick in the red miniskirt looked really nice. It's not surprising that they placed her foremost in front of the camera. Have to make sure the NeoCons are paying attention. The other chick, three brainwashed NWO slaves to her left looked kind of frumpy (noticed the makings of a beer belly under that tacky white shirt with the blue sleeves)