Thursday, September 12, 2013

Robot Replaces English Teachers

Oh, this is just too precious.

Remember, if you're planning on going to school or you are sending your kid to school, ensure they pick the right degree first.  Otherwise, it really is just a waste of money.  Your choice, $50,000 in tuition or $12.


Anonymous said...

What exactly is the 'right' degree these days? STEM?

While I certainly agree that STEM or medicine are probably the best choices, just for the sake of education, those fields are nearing saturation or already are.

The jobs simply aren't there, except for a few conformists who are willing to bow and scrape for the cultural marxist narrative ruining academia and business alike.

Jobs and new businesses are being created alright, but not of the good kind. Smartphone apps and social media dominate, which is reflective of our global 'panem et circenses' economy. Pathetic.

TheKangarooBoxer said...

now if they can just come up with robot English students, people can focus their time on being productive and actually creative.

Divemedic said...

Even medical jobs are beginning to soften. Paramedics, short staffed and in high demand just eight years ago, are in my neck of the woods making less now than ten years ago. They are lucky to be making $13 an hour to start.
Same with nurses. Their wages are falling: where once they were starting at $30 an hour or more, they are in some cases starting at less than $20.
I fear that advanced degrees like PA and NP will follow.

Anonymous said...

Hey Cappy,

Coming soon to a school near you:

A way of teaching maths which makes the girls better at it! They finally found a way for girls to do better at maths and it's going to be spreading.
Notice how to the boys it's now fun, but the only example of grades getting better was with a girl?

Australia brought in the 'you get marks for showing working out' system in the 90s, or as us boys call it 'you LOSE marks for showing the WRONG working out or for skipping steps because you're too good'.
I got into many arguments about my 100% correct answers were producing scores of 75-80% because I "wasn't showing the correct steps".
Most of the boys (and only boys) in my classes felt the same way.
Ever wonder why boys do better at multiple choice questions? Because being able to jump straight to the correct answer is an ASSET in those exams!