Sunday, September 08, 2013

Well, You Could Always Lose the Weight

No, no, that would require too much.

Much better to cry, rant, and yell at a guy that though what he said was true, it hurt her feeeeeellinnnnnngssss.

Honest to god.  It's true, so don't say it and P.S. - you're mean?  And you girls want to be taken seriously and treated as equals? You want the right to have a say an important public, national and international matters? 

Let me tell you people out there who like to bury your head in the sand,

Telling the truth is the most noble caring thing a person can do.  Especially in the face of backlash.  This girl should be THANKING Matt Forney as he is likely the ONLY person who has actually done something tangible to help her instead of lying to her face and enabling her.


Amethyst said...

Fat women have extra strong hamsters. At a social event, I was talking to a girl who was probably 300lbs or so. She was complaining that she couldn't get insurance because she was too fat. (She said there was nothing wrong with her health because she "felt fine.")

She was the friend of someone at the event whose professional favor I was trying to win so I couldn't blurt out to her what I really wanted to say , "Of course you feel fine! You're 21! All 21 year olds feel fine. And the heavy ones feel fine for about ten years or so. Then girls like you get to their 30's and 40's and start getting crippled by arthritis and being hauled off in ambulances because they have chest pains and fire-hose strength blood pressure. But of course, you'll always deny that it was YOUR fault! It was your genes! Or all of the stress caused by your mind-numbing makework "career" or the stress caused by all of the men in your life! It was never just your sitting on your ass and eating too much!"

I think I tried telling her something softer like "You should be concerned. When a doctor tells you you need to lose weight, you really should lose weight," but she just blew it off. Total denial. You can kind of tell when someone is open to following your advice and when they'll get totally offended by it, so I didn't press the issue.

Anonymous said...

Amazing thread of comments. Those hamsters were spinning faster than a 15K RPM hard drive.

thanks for pointing to it

Johnycomelately said...

This post struck a cord with me.

My cousin is 37 and obese, I know she wants to get married and she has confided in me that she does.

She has a fat inner circle of friends and they have become enablers for each other, a couple have gone the lesbian route out of necessity (no man wants them).

For over a decade I have been supporting and introduced her to Atkins, Paleo and the Gabriel Method to no avail. Everyone tippy toes around her and avoids the topic.

I have introduced her to guys but they were too Beta for her or maybe she rejected them as a protective mechanism.

I am at my wits end as I know her window is closing.

Anonymous said...

Just tell her health insurance is a ripoff for "healthy" people like her so she is winning untill obamacare forces her to get it.


Take The Red Pill said...

With delusional butterballs like this, you have to remember an old saying: "You can't fix stupid".

Arguing with a contemporary woman is like trying to teach a pig to sing: they're not listening, it does nothing but annoy them, and (most importantly) you're wasting your precious time.