Wednesday, September 04, 2013

Fun Times With Hyphenated Names

"When I was a young college student, I had a boss at my part-time job who told me that she hadn’t changed her name when she got married the first time.  She ended up divorced, and when she married her second husband, she opted to change her name.  When I wondered why, she said that changing her name was her way of saying OK, I really mean it this time."

Heh heh heh.  Ahhh, is there anything better than kicking back, pouring a tall one, lighting up a cigar and watching feminists put bullets through the aortas of their finite lives?

What I truly savor out of all of it, is how they villainize and hate the best thing that can happen to them, and dat be men.

Really, name something better in life.  Name something genetically engineered to be complimentary to you, something that is sentience and thus infinitely dynamic.  Something that is not a thing, but an engaging human being, and something that is also designed to be all giggity about you.

You can't name it!  You can't!

The best thing in life for women is men, and the best thing for men is women.

And while men readily admit this fact and try to capitalize on this opportunity presented to us, feminists throw away the best thing life has to offer to them.

It's just too precious!


Glenfilthie said...


And that should tell you something about the mainstreaming of homosexuality too.

But don't let me get in the way of political correctness.

Cogitans Iuvenis said...

If marraige is something you want then the stated willingness of whoever you are dating to take your last name goes a long ways towards determining her marraigability. A girl who is willing to take your name isn't necessarily suitable but a girl wants to hyphenate is absolutely unsuitable.

The Great and Powerful Oz said...

Yeah, when I was young I bought all the gender equality BS as well. It took me too long to learn the reality of the genders.

Now I know, but it's not doing me much good.

sunshinemary said...

The best thing in life for women is men, and the best thing for men is women.


And women, on some level, even if they will not admit it, know that they both need and very much want a man in their lives.

Thanks for the linkage, Cappy!

Anonymous said...

When I married my husband I really didn't like the name, but I took it because my dad would have rather seen his name die off than have his daughter carry it forward under the dim glow of feminist empowerment.

But after rubbing up against the washing machine on spin cycle one day I decided that I'd had enough and started rubbing against the UPS man instead. Well, after the divorce I kept his name, but added back in my maiden name. And to my delight I get compliments on the hyphen.

I'm so lonely.

Marcie Dahlgren-Frost
Northfield, ILL

Anonymous said...

I don't trust anyone with a hyphenated surname.

Take The Red Pill said...

"...the best thing for men is women."

Not Western women, not nowadays. They're toxic -- to your freedom, your mind, your sanity, your finances, your life, even your spirit. A man is much wiser to Go His Own Way instead.
And the funny thing is that they made themselves toxic (which they will deny -- after they're over 30, of course).

They said that they didn't need us and they did everything they could to make our lives a miserable Hell, so make sure they get the man they deserve -- NONE.