Sunday, September 01, 2013

"Where She is Forced to Work in HR or Marketing..."



Donttreadonmatt said...

Gotta love the kiwis. The viaduct is awesome, btw.

Joe Bar said...

I was just about to send that to you. LULZ.

Anonymous said...

In my opinion, WORK always involves the transformation of some raw ressource into a value added product.

For example, a masonry worker will take bricks and assemble them into a wall and create added value to the home owners.

THAT is work.

Or, some factory worker will assemble electronic parts into an added value product.

I wonder what value and what transformation do HR ladies perform ?

I cannot accept that HR personnel perform "work".

Taking a raw candidate and training him to be a skilled factory worker, THAT is work and THAT is what HR should be about.

Screening candidates doesn't seem like work to me. You don't screen random electronic parts hoping that a completed TV set will emerge.

HR exists precisely because employers no longer want to work at training and forming competent employees.

Employers and companies invest a lot of money in trying to invest as little money and efforts as possible into their employees. This all seems pretty stupid and self-defeating to me.

One Fat Oz Guy said...


I love that it got banned for showing women in a negative light. A shame that none of the ads which show men to be complete imbeciles has been banned yet...