Saturday, September 28, 2013

Never Move to Ohio



Dr. Coyote said...

The short list, i.e. states without ANY income tax:
- Alaska
- Florida
- Nevada
- South Dakota
- Texas
- Washington
- Wyoming
There you go. If you're looking for a job, this is where to start.

Anonymous said...

Local (earned) income taxes exist in Pennsylvania as well. Usually 1%of income in most municipalities, although higher in Philly, Pittsburgh, and a few other cities.

Eric B said...

What is worse is income taxes on non-residents who work in the city. Grand Rapids, MI had a 1% income tax on residents and 1/2% on non-residents who worked in the city. Michigan state law allowed this but non-residents max was half of residents.

Anonymous said...

Ohio also enables school districts to levy an income tax, in addition to property taxes. So conceivably an Ohioan could pay income taxes to a municipality and a school district. The kick in the dick about the local income taxes is that there are NO deductions, it is 1-3% off the top. at least the state income tax is base on one's federal AGI.

Been there, done that. Moved to SC!!

Anonymous said...

Indiana has this as well, FYI. It's by county rather than city though.