Friday, September 27, 2013

What Women Can Learn from Quin Pu


help  me help you.

Help you.

Or better yet help Quin Pu help you.

If you don't know who Quin Pu is, she is a girl who got dumped after two dates and then proceeded to forward sexts to the dumpor's bosses.

But a colorful undertone to this story is her self-concept.  She thinks very highly of herself because she has a blog, two self-published books, a condo, and has managed to stay alive for 25 Earth rotations.

But what gets me is not the completely out of whack perception she has of herself (teh interwebz is already eviscerating her for that), but that it's more proof young women think men want a business resume and not a woman.

Look, ladies.  It's not that difficult.

Sweet, sexy, pretty, skinny, reliable and not batshit insane.

Nowhere will you see in a "list" of things men would like to have in a woman:

"Vice president"

That isn't bigotry, it isn't sexism, it's just the god damned truth.

Keep plugging your resume and see how far it gets you.


Anonymous said...

Wow. Read the Dailymail article and she has issues. Her two books are autobiographies??? Really? At 25 she's that worldly? Hardly. Narcissistic, you bet. I can see where the guy said, nah, I'll pass on the crazy. Granted he should've done it in person. She should've just moved on to the next unsuspecting victim to her crazy.

Anonymous said...

Dunno, While I agree with you about education, in my recent dating days Education could be a plus - or a negative.

A woman who "all that" + a CPA or a PhD in Physics (as a random example) would certainly merit a second look.

I'd rather date an marry a "7" who is smart where a degree might be a proxy, than an 8.5 who - all other things being equal, is a little dumb.

Seriously in 10-30 years I'll be an old fart and so will she, but at least we'll have intelligent conversations. The formerly pretty girl will be less so, and boring to be around.

Also intelligence is hereditary to a great degree. Want smart kids? Me too.

That being said,a PhD in ... "Studies" ... she'd have to be WAAAY out of my league for me to be even merit a glance unless good friends of mine totally vouched for her. Life's too short.

Iceman said...

Unfortunately, this type of hypernarcissistic behavior is by no means exclusive among females in Western society. That's what you get when legions of thirsty guys line up for you, and the government is your pimp.

Also, LOL at her 'memoirs' at 25 years of age. What exactly has she contributed to the world? What kind of major problems has she solved? How many lives did she improve?

Leif said...

She left "porcine" off of her resume.

Anonymous said...


The criteria you list
Sweet, sexy, pretty, skinny, reliable and not batshit insane.

If you want a long term relationship.

1) not batshit insane
2) sweet
3) reliable
4) sexy
5) pretty
6) skinny

For a short term relationship.
1) sexy
2) pretty
3) skinny
4) sweet
5) reliable
6) not batshit insane

DeNihilist said...

You forgot sandwiches -

Absolutely brilliant. Especially the comment section of the actual piece.

Women, show some appreciation for your guy, and HE will fall on the grenade!

Anonymous said...

My boss would give me a high five.

Alex VanderWoude said...

Cap'n, I take issue with "skinny", and suggest you use "slim" or "slender" instead. Those words don't imply counting ribs and risking cuts from her hip-bones. Shudder.

Anonymous said...

Yep, we men just want a simple girl, who is feminine, humble, down to earth, physically attractive and actually tries to please her man, and who is not brainwashed by feminism to constantly be bitching at us about "equality".

Is it really so hard to do?

Anonymous said...

"Nowhere will you see in a "list" of things men would like to have in a woman:

"Vice president"
you obviously don't know what men want in a woman. What men need from a woman is boobs and butts but not brains

Theo P. said...

Wait, "a collective twenty hours?" They had two ten-hour dates? Is that normal?

TJ said...

She is rapidly approaching the wall and this tiny rejection is revealing her SATC inspired lifestyle for the self-delusion that it is, causing her to become unhinged. Disaster averted.

Steve said...

Theo -

A "collective twenty hours" indicates to me that they probably had at least one sleep-over.