Friday, February 27, 2009


Oh, isn't that heavenly!?

Americans will pay for their stupidity.


Anonymous said...

HA! We Germans are again better than you Americans! Our economy has declined a superior annualized rate of 8.4%! Wait...

Captain Capitalism said...

Don't worry, give us time.

I saw they torched a bunch of Porsches and Beamers.

That'll help.

Anonymous said...

She doesn't get enough. oh, she doesn't get enough. It doesn't make sense. WHY IS MAH ECONOMY EXPLODIN'?

Anonymous said...

Emergency dive, clear the bridge!

Board's green Mr. President.

Take her down. Diving officer, make your depth seven-five-zero meters, smartly.

That's crush depth Mr. President?

Don't question me. Do it Ensign!

Aye sir, seven-five-zero meters.

Chief of the Boat, sound the dive alarm!

Dive, dive!

Open the forward group's main ballast tanks. Venting forward.

Open the aft group's ballast tanks. Venting aft.

Deck's awash.

5 degrees down bubble on the dive planes.

Sail's awash.

All ahead full.


"Hull crushing" change you simply can't believe.