Friday, February 20, 2009

Why Obama is a One Termer

Along the lines of the ignorance piece I wrote a while ago, I think the term "trillion" actually may have woken some of the people in the US up to just how severe a problem the US faces and just how much their ignorance is about to cost the US.

Again, the vast majority of my 20 something friends at my bar believe Obama is their savior and will solve this problem. But it is an interesting expression to see on their faces when their savior promises $1.2 trillion of their money to bail out the deadbeats of the US.

You see, TRILLION, kind of registers with the kids. They, despite their public school upbringing, realize that a TRILLION dollars is a lot of money. And even they ask the simple question;

"Well, how are we going to pay for it?"

And thus the thought process that goes down deep into the rabbit hole begins and thus the zygote of a conservative is born.

They are at least smart enough to know that we don't have the money now. And despite failing Econ 101, they know that we're going to have to borrow it. And despite having no knowledge of social security finances, they realize that ultimately it isn't going to be their Baby Boomer parents paying for it. It's going to be THEY who are paying for it.

Thus the expression on their faces.

Like I said before, you can't argue with the ignorant. All you can do is watch them get what they've always wanted and realize just what a hellish nightmare they got themselves into.

The more and more I see what Obama is doing and the more and more I see the young, stupid, ignorant people of this country realize they just got saddled with a $1.2 trillion debt, the more and more I realize Obama is a one termer.


John said...

I didn't run the numbers on "trillion", but the week of the great 800 billion stimulus bill, I was trying to wrap my head around that number. I have been sharing this result of my ruminating with friends to significant surprise.

A second is a pretty small period of time. They just click on by. For those reading this right now, take a guess how long 800 billion seconds is. What year was it when it was 800 billion seconds ago?

Don't read down. Pick a year. 800 billion seconds ago. What year was that?

Truth is, 800 billion seconds ago, the year was about 23,300 BC, and the last glacial period was still some 12,000 years from ending.

Friends have so-far guessed anywhere from 1st century AD to 1940.

800 billion (and obviously, a trillion) is a massive, inconceivable amount by any measure.

The Krowbar said...

Not sure I agree. All it takes are a few public-school-grads with loud voices to persuade the others that their inner voices that are warning them are wrong.
Their faith in Obama and other socialists is so strong that they will themselves to believe that since others believe it also, it must be true.
This is the same philosophical laziness that helps people believe abortion is not killing an unborn baby, that we CAN pay back $65.5 trillion dollars, that Achmawackjob really can be reasoned with.
I've encountered it over and over; the fact that others repeat something is more than enough excuse for dullards to put on their blinders and accept a lie.
I'll bet you a case of Spam and a bucket of rice & beans that I'm right. Just think what that'll buy in the new socialist economy!

Anonymous said...

We can only hope. His polls are coming down, but still near 60% favorable.
I have given up on the main stream media a long time ago. Are they still chearleading for him?
More dangerous than Obama is Pelosi. She is seriously insane. Of course the rest of the clown show is just as bad..
I hope this triggers a conservative movement that will be able to undo some of the mess. I am afraid there is damage that is irreversable.

Anonymous said...

We can only hope. Let's just pray that his replacement is a true champion of the, Constitution, individual liberty, and free markets. (Of course saying all three is a bit redundant!)

Anonymous said...

Just let me add: as a Canadian living in a socialist utopia I have always felt a certain comfort in knowing the US was just across the border and if things ever got bad enough here there was refuge just to the south. Now that the Anointed One has been elected and your country is spending itself into oblivion that comfort is gone. Where is left to run to? Nowhere.

I just hope there's a Reagan waiting in the wings after Jimmy Carter 2 is done destroying your economy.

Anonymous said...

I haven't run the numbers myself, but from what I understand, if you started spending one million dollars ($1,000,000) a day on the day that Jesus Christ was born, you would stil not have spent a trillion dollars ($1,000,000,000,000).

Anonymous said...

Everyone believes what they want to believe, including you and me. I don't see anything that could cause liberals to abandon their belief that Bush was a terrible president responsible for all the bad things and Obama will be a great historical president. Proof is the fact that people still think FDR did a good job during the great depression. If people still can't figure out what was wrong with the first new deal, what makes you think they will question the second new deal?

Unknown said...

I see evidence of the pack of jackals known as the mainstream media starting to turn on Obama. It's only a glimmer right now though. Watch this space

Anonymous said...

FDR was re-elected until he died. His handling of the Great Depression was absolutely horrible, but people loved him because his random flailing about assured people that he was "doing something". Obama is no different.

By the way, I saw on an earlier post that you were decrying the trade deficit. Yeah, we've run trade deficits nearly non-stop for the past century (and maybe before that, I haven't checked) except for during the glory-days of the Great Depression. Smoot-Hawley was a success! Prosperity for everybody once that nasty trade deficit was gone! I wrote about this a couple years ago, figure it's still relevant now.

Obama's longevity in office is going to be a function of how quickly people figure out that throwing trillions of dollars around is just helping government contractors at the expense of the rest of the economy.

Anonymous said...

Thus far, Obama has been a disaster - his administration seems to have hired "the gang that couldn't shoot straight". There doesn't seem to be any coherent policy except to tax and spend, and be Debbie Downers regarding the economy. They don't seem to have any idea what they're doing.

"Hope and change" seems to have been replaced with "talk despair and grab power".

Obama may be able to blame the Republicans in 2010, but if things do not show signs of improvement before the2012 election, he very well could be a one termer if the Republicans can get their act together and promote a strong economic freedom agenda.

Anonymous said...

Since I posted last night, Obama promised to cut the deficit in half by raising taxes on the rich and on business, and by cutting military spending.

You don't fix a recession by hurtingthe one thing that provides productive employment that contribbute to GDP.

A Democratic Depression is definitely on the way.

Anonymous said...

We can only hope that the Democrats don't get in again until that trillion is paid off completely.