Tuesday, February 24, 2009

When Men Leave the Market

I have received a fair amount of criticism from my regular readers about the "pro-male" bent I have taken in the past year at the PERCEIVED sacrifice of economics. But I shall make two points;

1. No matter how much brilliant and empirical economic data I posted, and no matter how much if people had adhered to it, we wouldn't have had this economic crisis, it never seems to stick with the average population because it is math and therefore boring. Additionally, unless I say, "free money for every one, Barack Obama ponies" nobody is really interested in economics, no matter how much it may solve all of our problems today.

2. The "man world" is DIRECTLY related to the economic crisis we face today AND IS ALSO THE SOLE SOLUTION to our economic problems today. It is the forefront of the battlefield and is precisely where all economic analysis should be focused (that is assuming we care to solve our little economic problems we face today). You want the recession to end? You want unemployment back to 4%? You want oil back below $2 a gallon? You want the US back on the road to supreme economic and military dominance and security? You want a world where your precious little children actually have a future? Put men back in charge (of course, what is funny, is if things keep going the way they are, men will inevitably end up in charge again, but it won't be the nice ones who appreciate democracy and the sanctity of women).

Regardless, I have been meaning to tie the two together in a brilliant piece I've been planning for a while, but frankly, I really am disincentived to do such a thing because, well... I'm too busy pursuing my own selfish pursuits. It will come, but I, like many other men, are no longer trying to do "what's best for society" and instead are packing it in for our own finite lives and enjoying it while we can before a collapse inevitably comes. Besides, if nobody is going to listen, then imagining I'm on the wild west frontier in Red Dead Redemption is much more fun than yelling into a hurricane.

Ergo, allow me a quote and a link which will only provide further evidence to the ground swell of a movement fueled by 2 generations of genetics in men being suppressed, which, in the end will have their day in the sun;

"After 45 years of being told they are pigs, sexist, and good for nothing, men have quit trying to please others, so they slap on a baseball cap and don’t talk much. And with good reason."
"What do you have to offer these men you call child-men if they do man up? Are you going to ensure that they have fair access to their children should they divorce? Will you make sure that they aren’t hauled off to jail if the wife makes false accusations of domestic violence? Will you let them keep the earnings and property that they worked for over years rather than have them turned over to their wife, even if she cheated and was abusive? Will you shield the millions of men who live in fear of their significant other but have nowhere to turn for help? Will you make marriage, in other words, as valuable to men as you think it is for women?"
"Well, such are the fruits of half a century of organizing gender relations along the lines of women’s immediate desires. Long term, it has resulted in men bailing out, going “John Galt” in the gender economy. And I can understand the disappointment. But I don’t share it. As you sow, so shall you reap."

Sadly, and I want you to pay attention to this statement;

Men DO account for HALF the population and unfortunately MUST be considered when opining about sociological, economic and political matters.

In the meantime you will forgive us if we just plain opt not to marry, breed, or just in general, participate in society. Because, well frankly, what's the upshot?

In the meantime, enjoy the decline!


Simon Grey said...

It's amazing that people are surprised at how, after 40 years of trying, the attempt to tear down the value of men has resulted in the value of men being torn down. And people, even feminists, are now seeing the inevitable problems that occur when men drop out of the labor and marriage market and saying to themselves that they never one intended for this to happen. Well guess what? Reality doesn't care about intentions, so you should have thought about the consequences before embarking on this misandrist/gender equality nonsense.

Anonymous said...

Bravo! Marriage in this culture is worthless and has nothing to offer unless he wants to take the risk of enslaving himself to some narcissistic self-obsessed hole supported by the courts should she decide she's 'bored'.

Eric said...

I am married to a wonderful non-feminist conservative woman who has given me two wonderful children. I knew she understood what marriage means and knew the lifelong commitment we were making. I could never have married her if she treated marriage lightly because of everything you describe.

A family is a huge amount of work and my free time is very limited. However, the joy they provide is immense.

arctic_front said...

The gender wars was and is a function of a small minority of LOUD anti-male women who knew how to use a few high profile events to paint an entire gender with a very broad brush.

As was stated by the author, 2 generations of men have been de facto emasculated by media, post secondary education and affirmative action.

As our society succumbs to a social engineering fiasco, it is suddenly dawning on the same LOUD fems who caused it, to reconsider.

It turns out, oh the horror, that most women actually want a 'real man' to provide for and protect them. Who knew?

Those two generations of women had been brainwashed to actually believe the anti-male dogma as an accepted fact. But as the real world tends to prove, unintended consequences tend to reveal themselves regardless of the efforts to suppress them..

As for the men who feel that marriage and traditional roles expected of them have no up-side, the man-haters shirk their undeniable responsibility for upsetting the apple-cart.

Anyone surprised?

Good or bad, the way our society evolved over thousands of years, did so because it was a proven success model that worked. Perfect?... hell no. Discard it for something dreamed up by an academic based on a theory?.. well, look around you... how's that working out for you?

Anonymous said...

Feminism is, and always has been, a giant shit test on the Western male. Like any shit the only way to pass it is to sack up.

- Breeze

Anonymous said...

born in Canada, I had my entire formative years to learn that north american women were mostly self centred brats.

I got a job at the university as a mainframe computer operator in the early 70s. Universities are noted for their international flavour, i.e. enrolment of foreign students.

one of which was a shy and brilliant comp sci honours major. from Hong Kong. long-story-short version: the wait was well worth it, we now have another digital wizz kid in the family, she also is shy and brilliant and does web design for the CRA.

it would seem THAT is the dominant trait in this family.

The Phantom said...

Or you could do what I do and follow your culture and beliefs, entirely outside the "mainstream" of popular life.

What have those idiots ever done for me anyway?

Anonymous said...

I also believe you are only looking at one piece of the social puzzle. Take a look at what the welfare class, has done to the Black community in America. They have destroyed the family. One reads about 70% of black children being born to single mothers.
The Jim Crow Laws and slavery were never able to break the family structure.
Check out the crime rate versus the 1950s and early 60s. Not to mention, people going into schools and offices with guns and killing people. They had guns in the 1950s, but no one had ever heard a school shoot out.
Add on a liberal dose of red tape, and you have another level of social problems. The ER stories you have mentioned, never existed 50 years ago. The tax code book was less then 16,000 pages, and the EPA had not yet been invented.
This all seems to have wrapped us up into a repressive nanny state. Self reliance is now some strange aspect of a by gone era. People expect the government to control all aspects of their life.
This social problem is a lot bigger, then what the feminazis have done.

Anonymous said...

My conservative wife and I have been married for over thirty years. We rarely argue about much. We had no kids ... why bother ... it's a crap shoot. Most kids today are ingrates who are influenced by things you cannot control. It's too risky.

We run our relationship like a business. We are partners. We both work and share duties. She does what she wants and I do what I want. We have mutual money and personal money.

I other words we run our marriage in a sensible way. We discuss all issues, but I have noted that it is me who makes the big decisions by default. She picks the curtains.

We both recognized that we are different and bring different things to the relationship.

To sum up. Life is difficult for most average unconnected people, so if you have a good business partner and you set up a sound policy to avoid problems, life is much easier and simpler and you will never have to hire a lawyer.

People tend to let their genitals choose their first spouse. Hopefully, the next one had references.

Finally ... avoid liberal women at all costs. They are idiots and cannot be counted on. Many of them believe is weird stuff like astrology. You cannot reason with a person who owns a healing crystal, tarot cards, a mood watch or who thinks Al Gore is onto something.

Anonymous said...

I do NOT agree with the de-masculization of men and our culture in general. Men should be masculine. That doesn't mean that they can't help with the chores but they should be celebrated for embracing the male attributes that evolution blessed them with. Men and women aren't the same and trying to make them the same is probably a function of men trying to hold women down for so long but I don't agree that we can't have equality between the sexes without them becoming the same.

In the same way that women need to be careful who they marry as the man might turn out to be some hyper-controlling, woman-beating, rapist, men need to be careful that they aren't marrying some selfish, self-absorbed, mean
B1tch. I guess what I'm saying is that people need to really know those that they are going to marry and society's gender mutilation doesn't have much to do with that. Maybe it's too easy to get a divorce these days that people don't give enough consideration to marriage in the first place.

I think the "man-child" exists because of the elimination of natural roles for men and women. Now men don't know what they are supposed or not supposed to do and it's the same for women. If it's now ok for women to take the lead and ask a man out for a date then why should he ever take the risk of rejection and ask a girl for a date (as an example). Plus, now there aren't any expectations - people can shack up or have casual sex or one night stands and all are acceptable (that wouldn't have been so a couple of generations ago) and so why would a man buy the cow when they can get the milk for free (no responsibility, no societal consequence for entering lightly into these sorts of trists.)

Just some thoughts.

Paulie said...

There is another option of course. Not John Galt, but sort of a combination of Philip Rearden and Wayne from http://inspectorgadget.wordpress.com/2010/11/19/everlasting-love-on-the-swamp/
(Although it was actually Amartya Sen's Idea of Justice that suggested this approach to me) Just simply be agressively victimized and they OWE you your comforts and are morally OBLIGATED to forgive your old fashioned male transgressions like beating people up and fathering children.

Captain Capitalism said...

Oh,trust me, I've gone Galt on it and I AM the man in my relationship and my girlfriend loves me for it, but the problem is being men and "manly" has to be a nationwide effort. Too many sensitive 90's men running around, whiteknighting drinking chai tea, playing an acoustic guitar and voting to have the government abscond with their traditional fatherly roles, means I get to live with the economic consequences. And instead of building things like the Three Gorges damn and hover cars and advancing America ala Vanderbilt, enough of these pansified men have voted in environemtnal regulations, socialist tax structures, "global warming" religion, anti-smoking bans, anti-gun ownership and just about anything else that isn't industrious or productive or manly, let alone SUSTAINABLE IN THE LONG TERM.

economy's in the crapper?

oh, that's too bad.

but at least we're eating organic moose cheese and helping out the natural habitat of the moose. Come join our candle-light vigil for peace and Obama unicorns?


CSPB said...


Anonymous said...

Me, on the other hand have a different marital agreement with the/my wife.

We agreed whenever I'm in a computer store, anything over $100 I have to call her on.

So far I still have $20 left in my wallet, money in my and our accounts, and its near the end of the month. Never did that as a singleton.

But one serious note, jokes are also dangerous. Male jokes about the dumb husband, or the stund bunny ads on TV with the smart kids and the dumb dad (a certain breakfast cereal comes to mind) doesn't help either.

Anonymous said...

Speaking from New Zealand where Christchurch has just been destroyed by an earthquake the question must be asked 'Where are all the female rescuers?' Hundreds of men from a number of countries have poured into the destruction, risking their lives amongst ruins that are constantly being jolted by aftershocks - not a woman in sight. Whatever happened to 'girls can do anything?' Perhaps it's just another sexist plot and women are clamouring to climb in amongst the wreckage, dust, dirt, darkness, fire and endless tremors to haul out what in most cases have turned out to be bodies. Many thanks to all of those men and the countries that sent them here.

bigmo said...

Lets see, I am entering into a relationship where I give up all my friends so I can be with her friends, stop hanging around with the guys so we can do housework together, my money is now our money, no decisions without consulting with her and if I ever decided to leave I have to give her the house 1/2 of my retirement, pay all attorney fees plus 50% of my income for the next 20 years. Yea sounds like a good deal to me.

Ralph Vince said...

Men need to learn this simple fact, at as early of an age as possible: Women will be as bad as they are permitted to be.

Anonymous said...

The previous sommenter said it all. I can't help wondering if this was the reason the'patriarchy' existed to limit womens actions