Friday, February 13, 2009


I have what I estimate to be three readers who are rather adamant about my book be available on kindle. However, happy day fellow Kindle readers;

If you really want it on Kindle, now you can click on the link and let Amazon know!

As for the rest of you who were going to help me beat Pelosi in book sales, come on, let's get crackin'!


Anonymous said...

You can click it infinite times...

Mr. Snarkolepsy said...

Darn. You had me all excited that I could actually buy it for the Kindle now.

But I clicked the link (it's not the first time for me)

Anonymous said...

Get the Kindle version out there and the odds of me buying sooner rather than later do increase quite a bit.

If you can also bring the price down on the Kindle version because of saving on the ink and paper even better!