Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Classes on Investing and Stocks

Hey, you!

Take a class!

Do it now! Do it!


Anonymous said...

I haven't left a comment in at least a year. But you left two posts this week I must comment on. The talk radio segment, I loved. Although I would add Hugh Hewitt to the Prager category. I have only seen them disagree once, and it was a great debate. Anyone who can debate either, has a brain much larger than mine.

The second was this post. What's up with the JC Penny pose. I like my bloggers fat and smelly. Now that I know you are in better shape than me, I don't know if I can respect you any more.

Keep up the great work.
Pat in Atlanta.

Captain Capitalism said...

Well I didn't mean to be prohibitively good looking. It's just genetics and me working out.

I'll eat more junk food and do what I can to tarnish the image.