Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Movies that Most Frequently Use the F Word

So I am currently watching Midnight Run, which is my second favorite movie of all time. Great movie. If you have not seen it, you cannot get into heaven, because those are the rules. So get cracking.

Regardless, it stars Robert DeNiro and the F word comes up, oh, about every 3 seconds.

So I thought this has got to be the most Fword-induced movie in the history of man.

Typity type on the internet and low and behold....it isn't.

F Word Usage in Movies

Matter of fact, it's rather lowly ranked.

Surprisingly, the movie with the most frequent use of the F word is the movie "Fuck."


CapitalBabs said...

something I have made personal notice of but have no statistics to back me at this time: the hayday of swearing in movies was easily the late 80's and 90's. At that point, your movie wasn't really edgey or a thriller if every other word wasn't profanity. Interestingly, that particular measure seems to have decreased dramatically.

Now before someone says, "nah, it's just that you are old now and watch different movies" let me provide an example.

I'm a HUGE fan of the Die Hard movies - I own them, ALL of them. I was very concerned that the 4th one wouldn't contain the same flavor of the first three after all this time. (not to mention I utterly despise that Shia kid, followed in a close second by Ashton Kutcher. Sadly he polutes several movies that I otherwise love) Back to the topic, I thought they did a great job with the aging Bruce Willis and really maintained the grit and ridiculousness that Die Hard requires. What they didn't maintain was the profanity. There is some in the 4th one but NOTHING compared to the older ones. And I for one don't miss it.

Hollywood figured out that language alone is not necessary to convince you that a character is somehow tougher than you or I. I love it that even most R movies these days have the rating for other reasons than a continual flow of the F word.

Carlito said...

I suppose you checked this... www.youtube.com/watch?v=aZWZXnnyIqA ha ha ha

Anonymous said...

The South Park movie had only about 140 F-words, but didn't it break the record for the highest total use of profanity and profane gestures in one film?

Anonymous said...

I didn't see "Team America, World Police" in the list. The theme song chorus repeated over and over was "America, F*** Ya".