Wednesday, February 04, 2009

The Solution to Illegal Immigration


Post post - My god people, given the amount of critical comments I've received on this post, I think all of you need to pour yourself a drink and realize


Notice how the link is to a COMIC STRIP.

Suggesting HUMOR, not a serious analysis of solving the illegal immigration problem.


Ryan Fuller said...

The great wall of china was built to stop raiders from getting away with their loot, not invading armies. There was just no way to put sufficient manpower all along such a large structure to repel a concerted attack at a single point. Also note that China was conquered by the Mongols, so yeah.

If you really want to stop people, you need something closer to the Berlin wall, which is nasty fucking business no matter how you look at it, and still doesn't stop everybody.

Hot Sam said...

My solution would involve land mines.

But a good defense must be deployed in depth. It's a myth that most of them sneak across the border. Many come here legally and overstay their visas. Illegal immigration has to be attacked from the border all the way to the hotel rooms and restaurant kitchens. We should send foreign countries a bill for every illegal in our prisons.

The fact that we hire them to do our cooking, cleaning, and yard work means we need them. I say we trade hard working immigrants for welfare recipients, one-for-one. The fact is that rich kids in Marin aren't going to work at the McDonalds. I just wish the immigrants would learn English! I'm tired of them fracking up my order. I guess "mocha" does sound a little bit like "Coke" but when I order a Number 1 meal and get a Quarter Pounder instead of a Big Mac, there's a problem. How do you mess up "one"?

I like having them around. It makes the salsa crowd much more interesting. The latinas who don't look like a basketball with legs are pretty hot.