Thursday, February 19, 2009

Happy Birthday to Me!

Tis my birthday today and I fully intend to spend it playing video games, working out and achieving pretty much nothing. That is my gift to me.

However, when the female members of my crew asked me what I wanted for my birthday I sat and thought about it and said, "You know, I would love a calendar of you girls. I want you girls (there's about 7 of them) to put together a calendar of yourselves for me, but posing in somewhat risque and provocative poses."

There was hemming




and just outright refusal

Which hurt the poor Captain's feelings because apparently NOOOOBODY loves the Captain. Captain's best female friends, who presumably in being his friends would have his best interests at heart, but oh, no. No, no slightly sexy calendar for the Captain.

So, if I can't get my female friends to put together a nice little calendar for me, perhaps I can get my readers to at least send me photos of yourselves (not sexy photos, just normal photos).

Again, much as I like the blog, it is a bit impersonal when all you get are posts, but you don't get to see who it is. Dennis Prager also does this as he insists that if you are going to send him mail, send him a photo of yourself. It makes it much more personal.

My inevitable goal would to create a collage of all the Cappy Cap readers out there and then put it above my desk. That would be a really cool and great birthday present! And if any of the female fans of Cappy Cap were to perhaps send the poor Ole' Captain some rather racy photos, who is going to complain?

In any case e-mail your mugshots to;

Go, do it now! Now! Quick! Go! Do!

(Notice it's CAPTcapitalism, not CAPTAINcapitalism. It will go to another guy and he will wonder why the hell he's getting all these weird photos of people.)

PS - I like dogs, if you have a picture of you with your dog that would be really cool!


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday, Captain!!! Hope your day goes well! :)

Captain Capitalism said...

Hello, photo? Where is it? Don't you love the Captain?

Anonymous said...

I'm working on it, I'm working on it!!!! Sheesh, let me finish hitting "send" on the e-mail!

Anonymous said...

Capt. Switch to a WordPress self-hosted blog. They support Avatars so you can see your friends.

Use the Thesis Theme at

Get to it!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday, Cap'n!

The Big Seester

PS: I did send you a pic, but there's no dog in mine.

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday, Captain. I'm away from home for a couple days, so you'll have to wait a few days for my photo.

Have a nice birthday party with all the chicks!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Hope you have a good Birthday, Cap!

Anonymous said...


I'll agree with you on the switching to Wordpress. I know I like it a lot better than I ever liked Blogger. But I'm not so sure about diythemes -- the smallest package is $90! Wow!!!! And Wordpress already comes with lots of default themes!

Hot Sam said...

Your birthday present from me is going in the mail today. Sorry, it took me a while to find it. I had to search through several boxes of books.

I've got all my pictures on my home computer so I'll send one later. I have just the photo in mind, but I warn you it won't be current - it will be appropriate.

DubTee said...

I'll have to go home and take a picture of me and the dog after work...

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Cap'n!

Sorry been lazy with the blog reading, been meaning to catch up, but, well, work has been getting in the way....

Hope you have a great day mate, you know where to find my pic!

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday Captain. I'll see if I can find a picture for you.

Anonymous said...

Can we send you slight racyt photo's of ladies who aren't your readers.

Or is that against the rules?

Unknown said...

Happy belated Cap! You should have said something yesterday! Jo and I would have done something nice for you!!