Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Sick, Disgusting People

I forgot to mention it when they broke the truce, but Hamas did start it again. It's an important distinction to make, because when Hamas and Israel start fighting again, the MSM as well as the international media will fail to make this vitally important point.

They may also fail to give this appropriate coverage.

I don't want to hear any BS from people criticizing Israel.


Anonymous said...

And the UN is investigating Israel's "war crimes."

Frankly, when they bombed the UN facility, all I could say was "nice shooting!"

It reminds me of when we bombed the French embassy in Libya because our pilots were so tired from flying all the way around France. Also, the unfortunate unintentional bombing of the Chinese embassy in Belgrade after they scavenged parts off a downed stealth fighter.

majgross said...

Criticize Israel? Sure. Why the hell won't the finish the damn job! Sorry, I'm fed up with Israel not waging all out war against their next door terrorists!