Thursday, February 05, 2009

I Want His Skills

Though some girls would argue I already do this, heh heh;

Click on this one and then the next two.

Remember kids, sex and being sexy is evil.

Go to bible camp instead.


Anonymous said...

I love bible camp. Bible camp makes me happy.

Anonymous said...

The Bible doesn't support the position that sex is evil. Don't trust nuns, Captain. :P

Captain Capitalism said...

You right Ryan, the bible doesn't. It's the Christians that do.

I also have to find where it says in the bible pre-marital sex is a sin.

Anonymous said...

Haterade. That's rich!

The picture reminds me of Obama's speech at Invesco Field, before the crowds arrive.

Yes, in both conservative Christianity and Islam there has been a dangerous conflation between cultural norms and religious tenets.

In ancient days, it made sense not to eat pork, not to cheat on your spouse, not to have sex prior to marriage, etc. The cultural edicts were adaptations for survival.

But when culture gets stuck in the stone age and fails to evolve with the times, it not only no longer serves a purpose, it can be downright deadly.

Prohibiting condoms and other contraception in this day and age is ludicrous and dangerous.

Anonymous said...

"You right Ryan, the bible doesn't. It's the Christians that do."

Not all Christians think that. I would go so far as to say that most don't.

"I also have to find where it says in the bible pre-marital sex is a sin."

Are you looking? :)

Captain Capitalism said...

Hell yes, so I know if it absolutely says it or not.

That way the next time I'm dating some nutjob christian chick and she says, "No" while conveniently leading me on as she is buck naked on the bed and then turns me down, then I can say, "Hey, hey hey, my buddy, Ryan Fuller, knower of all that is biblical, says there is nowhere in the bible that says we can't makey with the bam bam."

Seriously. That's what I'd say.

Anonymous said...

The Bible actually does forbid fornication specifically, not just adultery. Acts 15:29 forbids it along with offering meat to idols and eating animals that have been strangled, which I'm sure were up there next on your list of things to do after fornication. :)

Oh well. I'd suggest avoiding Christians when you're looking for action anyway. You're either going to end up sleeping alone or you're in bed with a hypocrite.