Saturday, February 28, 2009

Useful Idiots

Good god. What a bunch of genuine, worthless morons.

Tim Robbins explains;


Anonymous said...

I'm sorry, I couldn't read past the first paragragh without laughing thinking of Team America and the "Film Actors Guild" "FAG".

I think you should post this clip as a reminder...

Tim Robbins "FAG" explaining Corporations..

Anonymous said...

Starcraft is still a great game though... IT RIVALS HALO.

Hot Sam said...

Team America II - Pinko Piheads in Persia

This liberal activist bunch consists mostly of high school and college dropouts who sound smart only when a Hollywood writer contrives them to be so. Those who actually did graduate from college were mostly theater/drama majors, just one point higher than education majors and home ec majors at the bottom of SAT scores.

To me, Sean Penn will always be 'Jeff Spicoli' and Susan Sarandon will always be 'Say something stupid' Janet Weiss.

Anonymous said...

Doesn't Annette Benning realize how culturally insensitive she's being by not being dressed in a chador for all pictures taken of her in the past? If she's not careful, she could face a stoning.

And not a Monty Python one. Isn't that the "traditional" punishment for adultary? Should Annette have a look at the characters she's played?

Anonymous said...

good grief, can't we put leashes on these people or something? Why do they think their inane blathering is welcome anywhere outside of the US (or even inside, for that matter, stick to scripts dumbasses!) If this is what represents us then no wonder they all hate us.