Thursday, February 23, 2012

Another Stupid Journalism Major

Good god, do they teach these kids anything about being intellectually honest? I'm not expecting journalism majors to take Calc III or understand physics, let alone contribute to society, but for the Patron Saint's Name of Frick, could you just display some of them there much-touted "critical thinking skills?"


Anonymous said...

Cap, I could list many reasons why journo majors are dishonest pricks but I'm tired from a recent family ordeal and can't think straight. The gist: I majored in English/History and has a few journo classes as part of the curriculum. Journo focuses on how to market feeling over fact, period. They talk a good game about facts but only use them as twistables to justify the feeling.

Journo majors should be required to take at least Calc I, Logic, and to study rhetoric before they are permitted to even write personals for their college rag. Unfortunately, even in top journo schools, students can't fathom logic or rhetoric; and if they can, the knowledge is trampled upon and flattened by the almighty leftist boot. They fear authority without realizing they are hammers in authoritarian hands.

Zorro said...

Not exactly a Ron Paul fan, and I am an English major.

But, wow. That is one stupid bitch. My professors were, apparently, much stricter on the critical thinking issue. I'd have been slapped for writing something that dumb.

Jay said...

Wow, I never took a Journalism course and my shit could write better than this twit. All I read was "Like OMG!! R0N PaUL sounds soo kewl, but like OMG! he REAALLLY wants to get rid of govt ;) LOL! and like well like ummm like we Need gov b/c like my college is all paid 4 by FAFSA and like how would I pay for college???????? :[ "

ugh now I know why I have a hard time getting laid in college, my dick goes limp from all the utter stupidity! I need to find a mute girl I guess.

Anonymous said...

Seems as if they're giving her a good beat down in the comments. Curious if they came from readers here.

Robert Pearson said...

Other recent articles linked below this piece include "Student first-time sex stories." That says a lot about the publication, scool standards and the students like her who publish it.

Pulp Herb said...

I grew up in El Paso.

UTEP is affectionately refereed to as "Harvard on the Board" there so when I read this:

I've known plenty of students, myself included, who were always top notch, good students who still could not receive scholarships or grants to go to school because they did not demonstrate "financial need."

My first thought was "if you're going to UTEP one thing you are not is a top notch student". I can't think of anyone who graduated in the top 10% of my HS class (J. M. Hanks 1985, go Knights) who went to UTEP except for one who dropped out of UT and went to UTEP while working full time. In today's environment of borrow it all he'd have never come back.

By top notch she merely means she was too good for El Paso County Community College (also known as Taco Tech).

Captain Capitalism said...

Well I can imagine journalism being hard where English is the second language.

James A said...

I took some sociology grad school classes for a semester at UTEP. Probably the most soul-killing experience of my life. With that said, morons are morons wherever you go.