Saturday, February 11, 2012

I Want a Pet Polar Bear


I also plan on avoiding this.

Read down to the last two
, but there is a language warning.


Unknown said...

I have a crush on that guy. I want to buy his greeting cards, but I don't think anyone I know (in the real world) would appreciate them.

little dynamo said...

I want a pony. Still.

And nobody's getting a Polar Bear until I get my pony.

Captain Capitalism said...

Barack Obama will give you a pony!

Legion said...

You want to eat manatees? I just have a bad picture in my head. I thought you liked good looking women.

I read all the NSFW cartoons. The greatest compliment I ever heardf has to be,"May a squadron of beautiful vaginas find a way to your crotch by the end of the day". Shear poetry.

Anonymous said...

Looks like someone discovered The Oatmeal, grats! My all time fav is .