Friday, February 17, 2012

The Finalized Product of Feminism

I am not 100% sure if this is genuine or if she is merely mocking feminism/academia. But if it is genuine, it wouldn't surprise me. 62 year old woman looking for a "mindmate." No pictures because you shallow slobs should find her attractive for her inner beauty (again adhering to my female sexual centrism observation), and she has her masters degree (presumably in something that avoids math like the plague).

Regardless, the whole point of this post is to highlight where the road of feminism leads. THis is it ladies. A woman who is nearly dead, alone and, frankly, sounds about as exciting to hang out with as Buzz Killington.


Just1X said...

She's German too...those long (really, really long) winter evenings cracking jokes with each other will just fly by.

(nothing against Germans per se, but IME joy and laughter are not prioritised. And I am tempted to add that the blog could be seen as proof of that)

Just1X said...


I have spent three hours reading stuff there in the last five minutes...some kind of extreme time dilation.

She doesn't seem to like men much, does she? I wonder why she's keen to find one at 62, surely lesbianism 40-45 years ago would have been the way to go.

Anonymous said...

I've seen crazier websites. But not many.

Dude, your new Turing Word generator is damn near impossible to use.

Izanpo said...


It's true: Germans are a humorless people. Which would suggest that sign above the gates at Auschwitz "Work Makes You Free" was not intended as an ironic joke.

As for the spinster...well, you can almost smell the cat piss.

Arch said...

I'll be all for inner beauty as soon as it gives me an erection.

maxx said...

She's not interested in equality she's looking for someone she can control, someone who will think what she thinks. The good news is that she has already found her perfect match and it is herself. On the other hand perhaps she doesn't have a beard which is a deal breaker on her checklist.

Anonymous your Turing comment was inspired.

rgoltn said...

That is scary! It cannot be real....

Oy said...

"Due to an almost 200% price-hike in tuition for me next year there is a good chance I’ll be forced to drop out of college. That’s another way to control women, make sure they got less and less money. Robbing people of a chance to get an education and become self-sufficient will keep the Patriarchy as firmly in place as ever, so I figured I might as way catch up on my blogging, since I have been neglecting my blog for the past two years in favor of my probably soon to be failed attempt at getting a degree."

Good God, I can hear the hamster wheel spinning from across the ocean.

But wait, there's more:
"I weigh 94 kg / 207 lb and I am a 178 cm / 5.10 ft in height. "Experts" say that I am "overweight". They can go fuck themselves, with the implication that I should weigh any less than I do. What I am is fat and it is precisely what I am suppose to be."

This girl's level of delusion is comedic gold.

Go ahead hit the link below and check out the rest, but you're gonna need some popcorn and a few extra shots of Rumpie:

Just1X said...


so does the hike not apply to da boiz as well? How is it a symptom of the patriarchy?

At least she's got her feminist sense of humour firing on all cylinders. She'll keep on laughing through the pain of teh patriarchs (the bastards).

Perhaps a future on the comedy stage beckons?

Maruli said...

Thank you very much for the huge publicity, which you have given to my blog.
In spite of your not very favorable opinion, you have done me a great favor. Every person more, who finds and reads my blog could either be my mindmate, or s/he could know someone suitable for me and send him my way.
Thanks for enhancing my chance to be found. Thanks for your involuntary support for my quest.

Captain Capitalism said...

Good luck with the hunt.