Friday, February 17, 2012

Super Happy Fun Time Feminist!

God, the previous entry I thought was bad enough, but this one is about 3 times better.

I'm writing this not just for humorous purposes for the guys, but more importantly for the younger women out there who are now facing the fork in the road as to whether to take the modern day feminist route or a more traditional route. Admittedly, it isn't a black and white choice, you can work and be a housewife. Nobody says you can't be come an engineer. But I'm talking more about how you're going to interact with men and what is ultimately going to lead to your happiness. You want to take the feminist fork in the road, this is where it leads.

Sheesh! Now I know why tigers eat their young!


Anonymous said...

I weigh 94 kg / 207 lb and I am a 178 cm / 5.10 ft in height. "Experts" say that I am "overweight". They can go fuck themselves, with the implication that I should weigh any less than I do. What I am is fat and it is precisely what I am suppose to be.

Good to know.

Comments don't get through unless I let them. If I don't like what you have to say, your comment goes straight into the trash. Concern trolls are, naturally, not welcome.

Then keep an old-fashioned diary or go cry to your friends over some ice cream. Don't make your bitching public if you can't take some heat about it.

Also: tuition hikes are only affecting fat chicks now?

Anonymous said...

Well, i have some sound investment advice for you.

Go long on printing ink, the central banks will need it.

MikeM_inMD said...

A tuition increase is a patriarchal squashing of women? Does she think the increase doesn't affect men also? Shee needs some exposure to real life.

kakola said...

"He who pays the piper calls the tune"

It has always seemed to me that if a student allows the state or his/her daddy or Aunt Mildred or anybody but him/herself to pay for the process of education, then he/she is automatically going to have less to say about the content of that education than might be the case if he/she pays the shot him/herself.

I weighed 210 in college too, but I was 6'1" and they wanted me to play rugby.

Chris said...

What cranberry said.

And... it would help to know what her degree is in. If it is in women's studies or lower...

... save the money. Go directly to the nunnery. Or get a job as a bike courier, burger flipper... anything. Stand on your own two feet as your discredited ideology says you should.

... if that makes me a "concern troll" then that, chickee, is your problem. Not mine. You have a tuition loan. Now pay it back.

Anonymous said...

" Women do 99% of the world’s labor for a measly 1% of the world’s resources."

The rest wase TLDR; but that was truely funny.

C. Liar said...

Wow, the entry about pap smears is terrible. I love her reasoning, "what would a man know about my vagina?"

Just1X said...

It was nice of her to lay out the welcome mat for us, but I can't see that I have any shared reality with such a whiner-victim.

How do these wimminz come to believe in teh patriarchy? Maybe if they could point to concrete reasons for believing in it?

Alternatives to patriarchal opression:

Maybe STEM is dominated by males because females aren't interested.

Maybe women are being made redeundant quicker because they're the ones doing the majority of the paper pushing non-jobs.

Maybe men don't like you because you're a bitter sounding bitch.

Also; Don't take gravity personnally

CBMTTek said...

Hey, looks like you are captain moron.

Congratulations. Being insulted by a crusader is the highest compliment I can think of.

I get a kick of how she starts off with the "fact" that tuition hikes support a patriarchy. As if somehow a school only raised tuition on females. (Well, I guess it is possible she is attending a female only college. I think there are one or two of them left.)

Guess what. There are a ton of schools out there. If the one you want to attend is too pricey, go to a different one. Complaining about how it is some kind of conspiracy, and equating Pirate Bay to rape does nothing but prove you have gone off the deep end.

CBMTTek said...

Glossed over this on my earlier comment.

Typical of a crusader to ignore, deny, delete, or otherwise dismiss without consideration, any thought, opinion, or criticism that disagrees with their belief.

I will not put up with "troll" comments.
Why not?
If they are in fact stupid, insulting, etc... let the troll be publicly embarrassed.
If you position is so solid, what difference does a criticism make? Shouldn't you be able to easily and handily disprove anything mentioned?

Nope. Crusaders do not want to bother with that. They are correct, you are not, and that is the way it is.
Yeah, right...

sisterbrat said...

This post was just what I needed this morning to settle the nerves before heading into the testing center for my biology midterm.

I skipped right on in there with a giggle in my heart. I know now, without a doubt, no matter how messed up I have been I will never ever be as messed up as her or her mindmate searchin' sista.