Sunday, February 12, 2012

I Am One to Brag

As all of you know I am not exactly the humble, shy, bashful type. Nor, in my honest opinion, do I view myself as arrogant or egotistical. I truly believe that in today's PC world, people's sensibilities have been lowered so low, that anybody who has the gall to stand up for oneself, merely point out the truth or have the audacity to toot their own horn, is usually labeled as a blowhard. However, I have achieved something quite commendable and I wish to share it with you, and frankly, don't give a damn how it is perceived amongst the pansified PC classes. Besides which, there's an important lesson here for the boys.

I have been working out quite regularly, as well as participating in an excruciating jujitsu program for the past 6 months. I was never "not" in shape, but I was never chiseled or ripped at the same time either. Also, I started following the diet laid out in Freedom 25's book. The results are thus:

Again, I am by no means a ripped Ryan Reynolds, but there IS something to be said for the subsegment of the Manosphere that addresses dieting and eating right, as well as working out on a regular basis. A correct diet, as well as regular (and unfortunately) rigorous exercise, I am starting to believe is more of a must among men in this world. If we are going to list demands and hold women to certain standards, then we too much also stay in shape and be physically attractive to them. Not only for the health benefits it brings to ourselves, and not only to avoid being hypocrites, but also because staying physically fit is infinitely more economical and efficient than try to go to a bar and "game" some girl with chat, gab and charm.

Additionally, for those of us lucky enough to have found the rare woman that is the traditional, loving, sexy, caring 1940's type gal that had the intelligence to give establishment feminism the finger (and be more than willing to become the naughty June Cleaver in the kitchen heh heh), they of all women most certainly deserve a sexy, physically attractive man. Not some DB that just acts alpha and plays game and scratches his ass.

So, hence forth fellow junior, deputy, aspiring, official or otherwise economists of the male persuasion:

If you got an extra 20 pounds, lose it.

If you got the choice between staying home for 2 hours watching TV or going for a 10 mile walk, go for a walk.

If you eat crap, stop.

Not just because improving your physique will prove more productive in the end in your romantic pursuits, but if you're lucky like some of us to have a girl that tolerates our manosphere theology, AND SHE BELIEVES IN IT, can you think of a more deserving woman that is entitled to a better and sexier you?


Carnivore said...

Captain - congrats - excellent progress - and good post here, too. Men have to take control of their lives:

1. It's easy to dismiss the leftist, fiber munching Mother Earth News types, but when it comes down to it, you are what you eat.

2. Work the body - put a load on the muscles & joints and the heart. Keep mobile. I've taken care of enough elderly relatives to know that muscle loss as one ages is a big problem. It's usually due to inactivity and causes a lack of mobility, bone loss and difficulty walking. That's when the falls and broken hips come in, which can be a death sentence.

3. Work the mind to keep it in shape as well. Flopping down in front of the boob tube for hours every night leads to inactivity of mind and body.

Jay said...

Aye Aye Captain!

Started doing pushups and planks 3 days a week (yeah not big but huge compared to what I was doing before aboslutelyFreakingNothing!) and counting calories and trying to cut down on sweets and such and drinking more water.

I skipped Friday, but that's cause I got off my ass and got a job (and one that involves manual labor), but I'll resume Monday.

Aurini said...

Between paleo, and high-intensity home workouts (raised feet pushups - I'm working up towards the 'hand-stant pushups), I'm in the best shape of my life.

And I used to be in the army!

This shit works, and it winds up making you feel like more of a man. I can't wait for summer; I'm going to go around like an asshole in my jeans and my leather motorcycle vest and NOTHING ELSE.

These things are not done in Canada.

Anonymous said...

It's hard to tell by those pictures that you've made that significant of an improvement since ironically the lighting/angle of the before shot is superior to that of the second.

Unknown said...

Bravo. The bod looks good, but the smile says,"justifiably proud." Confidence is sexier than muscles. Keep doin' it.

Anonymous said...


Captain Capitalism said...

Chicks dig cute fish shower curtains. Though I want to find some Iron Man shower curtains. That would be cool.

Aynsley said...

So, is this the end of the Cheap Bachelor lifestyle you've been advocating for?

Anonymous said...

Wow - great job Captian!

One of the benefits of weight lifting that I've noticed that doesn't seem to get addressed in the manosphere is that if you do squats and dead lifts PROPERLY WITH GOOD FORM, your posture improves immediately. Holding the "straight back, shoulders back, head slightly raised upward" stance isn't a chore anymore. You just do it naturally. I definitely get noticed more by women now just for that. I know it's not because my body looks better because its winter and I'm all bundled up.

Braxton Hicks said...

Good post! I spit out my Twinkie I was laughing so much.