Monday, February 13, 2012

They Employ the Nicest People at Green Peace

Pedophilia and environmentalism just go so well together.


Anonymous said...

I'm an engineering student at a university in SoCal. I often see a lot of these cretins standing on the side of the road trying people to sign worthless petitions. Most money spent on Green peas is used like welfare for idiots who majored in communicatons and English.

CL said...

This is rather a weak way to attack the greenies. I'll copy and paste what I said at SDA:

Why does everyone assume he's the worst scum of the earth? What are the details of the case? Was there real evidence or an accusation and circumstantial evidence? If the 'victim' was 13-15 years old, did he even have sex with her or did they make out and then her mom found out and filed charges?

Men often end up on sex offender registries for surprisingly (if you haven't been paying attention) little and false rape accusations are commonplace. Best not to judge until you have all the facts, fun as it may be.

Furthermore, what does any of this have to do with his opinion on the pipeline? It's irrelevant and the commenters at SDA are acting like a bunch of rabid dogs going after fresh meat.