Sunday, February 12, 2012

Female Sexual Centrism

"Centrism" is one of the words academians use when their field or discipline is worthless. For example you don't hear engineering doctorates use "centrism" ever in their lectures or textbooks. They're too busy living in the real world building things people want. Along with "centrism" are words like "paradigm" or "rubric" and other such words that 100% guaran-freaking-tees you the field is worthless.

The term "centrism," though, I first ran into in college in the early 90's where everything was "euro-" or "anglo-" centric. Hard not to be when pretty much all inventions, innovations, technological advances and powerful economies herald from western civilizaiton. But as much as I loathe the term "centrism," I'll grant myself this one opportunity to use the word in that I plan on turning it around and using it against those who originally brought it into its existence.

I was out driving around smoking a cigar and enjoying the sun, when my mind wandered and I noticed for the most part that we live in a female sexual "centric" society. In other words the female version of sexuality is deemed "correct" or "proper" whereas male sexuality is considered "bad" or "wrong."

For example, when a guy says he just wants to have frivolous, meaningless sex, he's considered to be a cad, or shallow or sick or just plain "wrong." Whereas when a woman insists on having a relationship or some level of emotional involvement as a pre-requisite to sex, that's considered "good" or "proper."

I'll give you another one.

It's virtuous and noble to like somebody for their inner-beauty. Wow, what a kind and great person you are to find somebody's intellect attractive. But dare you say,

"I like long legs, long hair, pouty lips, and big gazongas"

SHAME! You are SHALLOW, HOLLOW and "only going after one thing."

I have a simple question:

Who in the Patron Saint's Name of Frick determined the male approach to sexuality was "bad" and the women's approach "good?"

If you look at society, it's more or less ordains female sexuality as the "appropriate" sexuality and more or less criminalizes or shames male sexuality.

This is funny because last I checked male and female sexuality was essentially binary in nature. For example in electricity you have either positive or negative. Computers are either on or off. And even though the words "positive" or "on" are considered better than "negative" or "off" in reality they are not words that describe morality. Merely states.

That wire is positively charged. That wire is negatively charged.

That computer is on. That computer is off.

00000000 00000001 (some IT humor there for the boys)

And male and female sexuality is the same thing. One is not better than the other. Nor is another worse than the other. They are merely two sides of the same coin. States or binary traits the sexes have.

Because they are neutral when it comes to morality, I'm just wondering why male sexuality is shunned or shamed, while female sexuality is championed? The reason I ask is I'm getting mightily tired of having my sexual programming be overlooked or even villainized, while I have to have the female version shoved down my throat.

BBW? Uh no.

"Large and in charge?" Uh no.

"Big is beautiful?" Uh no.

Lingerie for overweight people? Uh, DOUBLE NO!

Now you can go ahead and lecture me about how evil I am and how mean I am and blah blah blah. Not only will it make my point that men can't speak freely about their sexual preferences without incurring social wrath AND also point out society is female sexual "centric," your arguments are moot because it's like arguing that

HEY! THAT COMPUTER IS (GASP!) ON!!!!! Shame on you computer for being on!

HEY! That wired has a (GASP) NEGATIVE CHARGE!!! Shame on you wire for having a negative charge!

Hey! 00000000 00000001! 00100100 00111100 10110110 01111010!!!!

It would be like me lecturing women about (GASP!) PREFERRING TO HAVE CHILDREN!!!!

Additionally, arguing against something that is genetically programmed or hardwired in men, once against violates The Reality Principle. You can argue till your face is blue that you find it dirty and disgusting men prefer skinny, younger women over fat older ones. You might as well be arguing against gravity or arguing against the tornado about to barrel down on your house, because you're arguing against reality. However, there are consequences to arguing against reality, notably for the women who so desperately wish to ignore male sexuality.

The perfect example is the Herculean efforts and strides made to make fat women (and men I might add) feel proud about themselves. AND at the same time shame men for being "shallow" for daring to not find them attractive. The result is that the overweight woman lives in a very accommodating, but delusional world. She never loses the weight, but at the same time never finds a guy (and consequently has bad health too). She never really achieves any happiness (though I'm sure I can hear the screeching now about how "we don't need a man to be happy" and blah blah blah), because society lacked the spine to be upfront with her and accept male sexuality for what it is. So the poor woman dies, not living her full potential she could, wondering why men never came around simply because society never acknowledged what the other side of the coin might have to say.

So who is the real victim of female sexual centrism? Sadly, both men and women, because no matter how much each side may claim otherwise, we are in this boat together and would prefer each others' company. Men are silenced and oppressed on a psychological and social level from voicing their preferences and just being plain ole males. While women are misled about the true nature of male sexuality, let alone its very existence. Because of this, they violate The Reality Principle, operate on the false premise female sexuality is the only thing that matters, rendering their attempts and efforts to have success with the opposite sex fruitless or at least impaired (unhappy marriages, "my day" is somehow viewed as the BEST day in her life, husbands who get fat because she does, sexless marriages/relationship, etc. etc.). The end result, everybody is not as happy as they could be, divorce rates go through the roof, and society still recommends "female sexuality good, male sexuality bad."

Not until we treat it as 00000000 and 00000001 and realize there is no "right" or "wrong," men you can expect to see more of this, and ladies you can expect to see more of this.

This highly politically incorrect (and therefore, truthful) PSA brought to you by Cappy Cap.


Unknown said...

Nicely done!

Anonymous said...

"The perfect example is the Herculean efforts and strides made to make fat women (and men I might add) feel proud about themselves and at the same time, take away our right to purchase large fries."

There, fixed that for you.

Jay said...

I don't know, I like "big" women cause I like big tits...but that's just me.

Jeez Cappy, you had to put those two pussy-whipped chumps in there?

Couldn't you at least give the RamZPaul rebuttal for an antidote?

Anonymous said...

After seeing a bit of the rage that has taken place over the birth control fiasco, it's obvious that the next election will be the result of one movement:

Genitalcentricism. Gynocentricism in particular.

The truth about Democracy is that, because there are only a few things to choose from, the illusion of having an effect by voting is met with the subconscious realization that only one issue can really matter at a time. More and more, that issue is also the most banal, primitive, and irrelevant to the greater picture.


Twenty said...

I was very disappointed that your binary didn't parse out to anything sensible.

Here's a patch:

Hey! 00000000 00000001! 01010111 01010100 01000110 00111111!

little dynamo said...

we reel back at this display of full-frontal cappyness

btw i'm a Fossil Hunter too! (western states)

i'll trade you straight across a case of rumpie and a signed portrait of ron n nancy for the Fossil Hat

Captain Capitalism said...

hi Ray,

I would love to take the offer, but unfortunately I could not live with myself.

You can pick up the fossil hat for about $8 at Wal Mart.

What state are you in?


Gunn said...

Its actually even worse than that if you think about it. Traditional marriage (i.e. with at-fault divorce) prevented men from sleeping with other women, and it tied the woman into a lifelong commitment (unless she was willing to forfeit alimony or could find some new mug who didn't mind that she was a mother).

By strict biology, women are actually wired to find men attractive for about 5-7 years (the evo-psych thinking is that this is how long it takes for a child to become sufficiently independent to survive without a father around). Hence cliches such as the seven year itch.

So whats happened is that marriage that used to restrict both partners for the benefit of family and civilisation has been twisted into a mockery that supports only the woman's needs.

I'd also be curious to know how long non-marriages stay intact, i.e. what the average period is for cohabitation. I suspect its also around 5-7 years, but of course the man is not usually hit with children unless he's not paying attention.

Anonymous said...

Kind of off topic for you..but you nailed it..really tiresome being a male in the USA always some form of a beat down being inflicted.

Professor Mentu said...

Excellent post. "The part about who decided men's approach to sexuality is bad and women's approach to sexuality is good?" is going straight into my arsenal.

That bit would have come in real handy last week.

Ryan Fuller said...

"Hard not to be when pretty much all inventions, innovations, technological advances and powerful economies herald from western civilization."

Captain, you detract from an otherwise great article with comments like that one.

Paper, movable type, gunpowder, rocketry, the compass... there's a ton of really important stuff the Chinese came up with.

As for powerful economies, here is a list of the top five largest:

United States

Western Civilization gets three out of five. A fine showing, but definitely not enough to say that "practically all powerful economies come from Western Civilization."

little dynamo said...

What state are you in? Cpt.

poverty. sir.

You can pick up the fossil hat for about $8 at Wal Mart.

not the same hasnt been worn by cpt.

ps i am starting up the North American Chapter of the Cappy Cap Fan Club, hoping to get approval for the Charter?

... like to call it "Cappy Cap's Chaps"

get it? would also encourage a british chapter

vandiver49 said...


I'm gonna have to agree with Jay as I too like big girls. Skinny girls really don't do anything for me. I personally don't see it being any different than a preference of hair color, complexion or height.

That being said, your overall point remains true. What you like is what you like and you shouldn't be forced to compromise your taste just to make someone feel better.

Aurini said...

May I play devil's advocate for a second?

The sexuality promoted nowadays is just as poisonous for the healthy woman.

Women are bombarded with divorce porn, with female protagonists who are 'smart and sassy' and still get the guy, they're subjected to social shaming for remaining virgins, and the hen clique at work will harass them for staying with their boyfriend - "You can do better, girl!"

The feminist sexual narrative may demonize men, but it also ridicules the healthy woman. It tells her that her 'traditional' lifestyle (read: healthy, realistic lifestyle, optimized over centuries) is wrong and evil. Wanting to be a wife is demeaning, and a sign of mental illness. Holding out for a Good Man is prudish, so she should go jump on the first alpha male cock she finds.

Meanwhile, society panders to men with all of the style of sexuality (buy these jeans, because a hot chick's wearing them - sex, sex, sex, sex, sex!) with none of the substance.

I hate to sound like a Christian, but it's degrading to both genders.


Ultimately it's women who are choosing to allow this, however; they need to shape up, and kick out the feminists. There's little we men can do aside from pointing this out, and MGTOW.

Captain Capitalism said...

Good point, but I wouldn't say that's playing Devil's Advocate. It more or less is still in line with what was stated before. Women's perception of male sexuality (and a willingness to ignore their own) is an aberration from reality and will only result in a cost later.

Though, I thoroughly enjoy watching people pay the price. It's one of the best forms of entertainment as we enjoy the decline.

Mythic Cassandra said...

Your book Worthless got linked on Instapundit!

Broken link to try to get past the spam filter.

Captain Capitalism said...

I was not expecting that. Looks like Dr. Reynolds got my book and read it!

I think this calls for a Rumpie!

Izanpo said... don't know what you're missing!

BBWs are jiggly fun! No seriously. Making love to a skinny chick is like humping a bicycle frame.

Pulp Herb said...

I will take a bit of umbrage at your first paragraph.

Computer programmers often use paradigm to refer to different types of abstraction used to organize software. It was especially common when object oriented programming began to make it into the mainstream (usage such as "the object paradigm").

I would submit computer programming is a field very much about making stuff people want, including XBox games and blogging software.

Mythic Cassandra said...


Worthless was at Amazon Best Sellers Rank: #62,256, when I thought to check earlier.

Now it's #36,170.

Moving on up!

Anonymous said...

I agree with Jay about the link to the two pussy whipped chumps. You didn't even post a warning or at least advise that a sick bag might be needed.

Captain Capitalism said...

Heh, 36,000th place?

Sounds like a public school sports program where they award you for merely showing up!

Well, hopefully all the people buying now will maybe recommend it to talk show hosts or their local talk radio program.

If Glenn Reynolds put it up there, there's no much more to do or to ask for. Just pray for the best.

Mythic Cassandra said...

Worthless is now Amazon Book Rank:


up from #62,256.

Anonymous said...

BBWs are like mopeds.

Tremendous fun to ride. Just don't let your friends catch you on one or you'll never hear the end of it.

Mythic Cassandra said...

Another helpful Instapundit link. HIGHER EDUCATION BUBBLE UPDATE: Are Liberal Arts Colleges Becoming Finishing Schools For Women?

The linked article is a nice little review of Worthless by Dr. Helen Smith, aka the InstaWife.

I spent the morninig laughing and being intrigued by a book called Worthless: The Indispensable Guide to Choosing the Right Major by a guy named Aaron Clarey...Clarey has a wicked sense of humor and his graphs and charts just add to the fun...


Mythic Cassandra said...

Worthless is now #596 in Amazon books.

62256/596 = 104.

Ranking has improved by a factor of 100, and leapfrogged ahead of 60k other books in doing so.