Sunday, February 26, 2012

Have the Captain Come to Campus

Looking for a speaker that doesn't cost an arm and a leg to visit your college student organization?

Want some sound advice that speaks directly to people your age and will prove practical?

Or do you just plain need some training in data, statistics and economic research to help fight the tides of socialism at your school? (because, good Lord, you College Republicans desperately need it!)

Then look no further! Have the Captain come to campus!

For airfare, a decent hotel, rental car, a Chipolte fajita and a fee that is a mere fraction of what Ann Coulter or Dennis Prager will charge, you can have the Captain visit your little realm of Academia and dispense his patented "super-awesome economic genius." Be it a speech about choosing the right major, a training seminar on how to educate yourselves about economics and statistics, or consulting your student organization to become more strategic and effective, the Captain is more than happy to help out you youth.

My goal is not to make a "killing" charging you poor college students "$20,000" for a visit you can't afford, but rather to help as many students as possible get educated about politics, economics, education and statistics to help you become more capable of defending and advocating freedom, liberty and capitalism.

So if you are a member of a student organization that doesn't have billions in funds to afford limitless number of speakers, consider contacting the ole Captain.

You can reach me at

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Bill Gilles said...

As someone who books 40-50 campus speaking events every year - I can attest to his presentation abilities. I've had the opportunity to book him for a 'worthless' type discussion (before the book came out) and a presentation on arguing your case with stats, logic and humor. Both events went very well. The Captain is insightful, amusing, and engaging. He is a VERY good fit for a college audience.

He has my highest recommendation and I am a repeat customer. I'm currently arranging two campus/book tours for him to hit 6-8 campuses before the school year is out.

If you get the opportunity, you should bring him to your campus as well.