Monday, February 27, 2012

I'm Really Important!

I love it when people who have no skills, no talent and nothing to offer society, find other equally worthless people and form committees to promote themselves to some level of prominence in the community. (language warning).

Who in the Patron Saint's Name of Frick has meetings to see how they (the artists) should dictate how they can lead the community? Who says the community wants their input, let alone be "led" by these tyrannical brats?

Actually, now that I think about it, if it just takes a couple spoiled children to decree themselves some kind of "community leader" then I should have the equally undeserved right to declare open season on Hipsters in Brooklyn.

"Everybody grab your AR15's! It's Hipster season!"

"Where do we go Hipster hunting?"

"Brooklyn. I hear the land's teaming with them."

"What do we use for bait?"

"We'll post fliers in the area that we're a major recording label holding auditions looking for acoustic guitar playing girly men who want to sing songs about the injustices of reality and the real world. We'll have them "audition" at a specific time and location. It will be an organic turkey shoot!"

"Wow, I better get more ammo!"


Aynsley said...

Why don't we just go hipster-hunting anyway? Darwin needs help.

Anonymous said...

Better bring a chopped m60, make sure you hit a couple of 'em with every round.

little dynamo said...

i take it this means the Captain cant play guitar? :O)

Captain Capitalism said...

The only musical instrument the Captain plays is X-Box.

And chicks dig him for it.

Anonymous said...

Aw gee, for a minute I thought you were referring to the Metropolitan Council.

little dynamo said...

And chicks dig him for it.

i would not altogether dismiss the babe-lure of the Fossil Hat (but only when worn as Cappy's cap)

perhaps for the next blockbuster, combine your areas of expertise -- Economics and Chick Magneting? could call the book "This Is Your Captain Speaking: Helpful Hints for Frugal Fraus"

always looking to help, that's our Cap!

Orian said...

I read the linked article a few weeks ago. You've articulated my thoughts well :D