Monday, February 06, 2012

Men Can Change Women, Not Vice Versa

From our Canadian Agent in the Field:

Hey Cap, Huge fan from Ontario. I remember you describing your ideal woman as something like "a brilliant computer-engineer-type who likes to dress up, wear lingerie, go dancing, and act like a dude". Essentially, an approximation of a real-life Dagny Taggart. AGREED. Couple things - first, as a libertarian myself, I'm tempted to conclude that a romantic relationship with a liberal/democrat/socialist would inevitably fail. SO, have you ever seen it work? Furthermore, there aren't exactly many free-market/liberty-leaning females out there. Or at least, they're hard to find. Other than basically wedding-crashing on political/economic conferences, what do you recommend to track down these elusive ladies? Thanks a bunch,

-Canadian Agent "Charlie"

Our Canadian Agent asks an OUTSTANDING question that plagues many young collegiate males' minds:

How, or even, SHOULD we date liberal chicks, when that's all we have available to us?

And this presents us a very important "teachable moment."

Understand young male economists, that whereas it is commonly accepted that women want to change men (and we cannot be changed), that doesn't necessarily apply to women in reverse. Matter of fact women CAN EASILY be changed when it comes to things like politics, religion, etc. etc., simply because they've given no real serious thought, ponderance, let alone have rarely spent any time researching and actually looking up facts to determine whether their ideology or political beliefs are the correct ones. They (just like their young male collegiate counterparts), are predisposed to believe in liberalism or socialism not because of any intellectually honest soul searching, but were merely brainwashed by their k-12 indoctrinators.

In short, they are not wedded to their ideology and are merely parroting the same old liberal lines because it's either "popular" or they mindlessly "just care for the little people."

There is however one thing that can make a girl/woman quickly abandon her political ideology or religion and that is a man she is viscerally attracted to. I've seen it a million times before. The girl was a "rabid feminist" or a "huge liberal" in college, until her engineering husband she married explained things to her or started laying down the law. Without fail they will say, "you know, I used to believe in all that liberal stuff, until my husband started explaining things to me" as they go and now rear the three children they just had. Even religion. I know many women that merely abdicated their original religion to be in line with the man they were marrying. Oh, they were passionate christians/jews/muslims/etc., just as they were passionate liberals/feminists/pacifists/vegans, but once that dominant, sexy alpha male showed up, oh, they got rid of any previous ideologies real quick.

This means, fellow Collegiate Cappy Cappites of the Male Persuasion, that you should not refuse to date a girl just because she's a liberal. Matter of fact, you should view it as a child believing in Santa Claus - you pat her on the head and view it for how cute it is. Besides, the sheer statistical numbers make NOT dating liberals an impossibility because you essentially have nothing BUT liberal girls in college (and an aside if you will - you'll find most CONSERVATIVE college girls are just as clueless about politics and economics and simply "chose" to be conservative on equally flimsy grounds).

What you should be doing however, is not looking at what the girl is today - a naive 20 something whose parents are paying for her "elementary education" degree who has never visited the FRED database in her life. You should be looking at her long term potential.

You'll note that in speaking with most college students today (male and female) they are probably more conservative or libertarian than they are socialists. Their beliefs are conservative, their brains, however were too lazy to go and find out which political party those beliefs concur with. Of course, the always available teachers unions were more than willing to make that decision for them. So if the girl is cute, she's smart, she espouses logical, moral beliefs and (above all else) SHE IS NICE AND NOT A COMPLETE PSYCHO, don't dismiss her because she's a liberal. View her more in terms of high quality raw material that can be shaped into the "IT geek goddess that likes to wear lingerie and play video games."

There is of course the question then, "how do you get her to convert?" Or "how do you get her to realize her ideology is wrong?"

And it pains me you young Agents don't know the arsenal of weapons I've equipped you with in the field.

The single




weapon you have is...


Assume, a couple premises and you will see how betting is hands down the best way to convince a woman (or anybody for that matter) you are right, they are wrong, but not alienate or anger them.

Premise 1 - The girl is viscerally and genuinely attracted to you.
Premise 2 - You have NOT mentioned your ideology at all and is thus far unknown to her
Premise 3 - She is intellectually honest and will listen to reason and, more importantly, fact.

Those three things are the only things you need to convert a liberal girl over to the factual-side of the force AND impress her romantically.

When the topic of politics comes up (which it will, but you WON'T bring it up), you will act nonchalant. Indifferent. Silent, but with a hint of superiority. She will ask you a question about politics, or she will say something you know to be FACTUALLY wrong. When she does this, you can spring your trap.

You say, "You know what, I bet you're wrong about how much we spend on the military."

She will retort, "Oh really?"

You say, "Yes, matter of fact, I'll enter a wager with you. If military spending as a percent of GDP is less than 10%, you have to come to my house, wear a french maid outfit and cook me dinner. If it's more than 10% GDP, I'll come over to your house and be your personal manslave for a day."

And in one cunning move you've not only turned her on even more, but you have politely (and quit sexually, I might add) introduced the concept she might be wrong.

The upshot of liberal college girls is they are wrong on some many levels, the betting could go on forever. The budget, economic growth, history, etc. etc., you name it. So you could theoretically have her in your house being the "naughty nurse" or whatever everyday for the next 20 years.

There is however, a problem with betting. Once you force the typical liberal to attach something of value (money, french maid outfit, manslave, etc.) to their beliefs, they all of the sudden realize there IS a consequence for being ignorant. They WILL try to weasel their way out of it, change semantics, look for technicalities, which means you must peg down the PRECISE, SPECIFIC data you are going to use to prove either of you wrong.

So it can't be "I bet you that Bush didn't suck as much."

It has to be "I bet you that there was more jobs created under George Bush by this point in time in his presidency than there has been under Obama. And we'll use the BLS as a source."

There is also a totally alpha move if the girl doesn't want to go through with the bet. When she refuses to take the bet, you can simply say,

"Cool, then you can show up at my house in lingerie anyway and help me fix my motorcycle. I'll see you at 8:00."

It will certainly impress her more than the hipster-Seth Rogen, DB, goatee-wearing liberal arts pansy asking her to "get coffee" or see the latest craptastic "independent student film."


Aynsley said...


I have converted two liberal men in my time. Both started with a trip to the firing range. Followed by convincing them to volunteer with me at the soup kitchen...since they loved their fellow man so much more than I did.

Anonymous said...

I bet they still believe in it deep down, that sort of sickness can't be cured by woman.

Captain Capitalism said...

Eh, I don't know. Liberal "men" seems unnatural. I really do believe Aynsley did convert them simply on account, just like the women, liberal "men" are just as ignorant when it comes to their political beliefs.

Aynsley said...

It's not really hard to convert one. Being a liberal is a developmental phase, like wearing unflattering clothing or believing in Santa Claus.

Anonymous said...

I spent years trying to find girls that had similar viewpoints to me. I quickly realized that they do not exist. The closest I have found were so close to a bizarre form what I can only describe as female Aspergers. They were extremely smart in only one area, and borderline retarded in areas not related to what they were familiar with.

However, the girlfriends I have had tend to be from the more religious and non-philosophical group (not they are necessarily connected, but they weren't exactly deep thinkers). I ended up having arguments with them because I was at the point in my life that I had to prove a point to them. I held my ground so firmly that they began to bend to my will. I shaped them into what I wanted, and although some things took longer, they were molded.

Now, I don't care at all what a girl's opinions are as long as she's feminine. Because I realize that if she is into me, she's going to end up thinking along my lines anyway or she's gonna lose me. It's that simple. I'm not backing down. They will.

(By the way Cappy cap, you are a magnificent bastard)

little dynamo said...

Understand young male economists, that whereas it is commonly accepted that women want to change men (and we cannot be changed), that doesn't necessarily apply to women in reverse. Matter of fact women CAN EASILY be changed when it comes to things like politics, religion, etc. etc.

pure plantinum Capster

women are fickle and malleable, like fashioning a crittur out of a rib-bone... if the mooslims invaded next week, the women would trample each other at walmart to be first wearing burkas, while claiming men held guns to their heads and forced them into feminism

men otoh are made in god's own image

keep those Young Economists on their toez cappie

Unknown said...

(and an aside if you will - you'll find most CONSERVATIVE college girls are just as clueless about politics and economics and simply "chose" to be conservative on equally flimsy grounds).

..should not be an aside. It's the whole point!

Anonymous said...

Capt - you are right on this one. I think most women are actually apolitical. If they have any opinion, its usually the last one they heard. I have been happily married for ten years with two children and my wife is now a hard core conservative. Also, I think getting married, and having kids makes women grow up, and we all know the grown up position is conservative. - minuteman

Dave said...

The woman is convinced not so much by your lucid arguments as by her own self-interest.

Liberalism transfers large amounts of money from gainfully employed men to single mothers and female-dominated bureaucracies. When a liberal gets married and sees her husband's income supporting so many other women, she turns conservative pretty quick.

With marriage, she also stops picking up random dudes in bars, so abortion doesn't seem that important anymore.

The inverse is also true. When her marriage is failing, a woman reverts to liberalism.

CBMTTek said...


I have been betting liberals for years, ever since the first time I read about that technique right here on your blog.

Works like a dream pretty much every time.

Number one response I get is "You wouldn't pay up anyway." Nice job "closing the argument" there liberal scum.

To which I propose a trusted third party hold the cash, and I start to get the old wallet out. And then I either get waffling, or more personal insults.

Every once in a while I do get the liberal to actually take me up on the bet, and when proven wrong, well they are the ones that are unwilling to pay up. (Even though we agreed to the data source before hand.)

Monica said...

"a brilliant computer-engineer-type who likes to dress up, wear lingerie, go dancing, and act like a dude"

Hey - I resemble that description.

gauthijm said...

Monica, are you single ! :)

Great article, take care!

Anonymous said...

Women like the 'bad boys'.
Be the bad boy conservative.
Rebel against liberal orthodoxy, and be right about it, and she'll be eating out of your hand.