Saturday, February 25, 2012

Cooking Out Ranks Your Masters in "Liberal Arts"

Ladies I'm here to help.

And by "help" I mean tell you the truth.

Now I know a lot of people have issues with the truth. You can scream and yell and pout and even threaten me, but that doesn't change the truth. So you have a choice, accept and appreciate the truth (thereby making decisions based in reality which will be more effective and beneficial to your lives) or deny it and ignore it and try to fight against it. Again, the second option I usually equate to arguing with a tornado about to barrel down on your house. I'll leave the choice to you.

So let our lesson begin.

In listening to the radio, going on teh interwebz, reading, etc, I find that if you were to ask younger women to list their qualities or why men should find them attractive, without a doubt they will list that they're "educated" or "have an education."

Now, as I've gone into great detail before, it depends on what you got that education in. If you have your Masters in Electrical Engineering with an undergrad in Computer Science, sign me up right now for the Hot IT Chick Fan Club! If you have your degree in accounting and are a controller at a company, I shall be your personal little intern-slave-boy any day. And if you're in pre-med I shall volunteer to be your guinea pig. But if you are like the millions of other young women who simply followed the herd, got a worthless liberal arts degree and then merely doubled down on it and got a masters, eh, sorry, not impressed. The reasons why are:

1. Those degrees have no intellectual rigor. ie-just because you have a degree does not mean you're smart. Do not confuse the two and please don't brag about the worthless degree as if it has some intellectual merit.

2. They're not practical and they serve no purpose in the real world. We find women who are productive and self-supporting sexy and genuinely attractive because they really are independent women. Not somebody who got on the cushy make-work government job gravy train.

3. Furthermore, it's nothing unique or special. There's a million "Art Fashion" majors or "Cosmetology" majors out there. Common as blades of grass. You don't stand out.

Now, I know, I know, "We don't live our lives for you" and "we're not doing it for MEN!" and blah blah blah.

I know.

But I'm not talking about whether you go to school for men (which I hope you don't). We're talking about listing education as a badge of honor or something you think men will find attractive on your profile.

List your Masters in Nuclear Physics? - hell yes.

List your Doctorate in Chemistry? - hell yes.

List your PhD in "East Asian Studies?" - sorry, not going to impress us.

Thankfully, however, men are not primarily concerned about what you got your degree in. Yes, we are impressed if you have your CPA. Yes, we are impressed if you know how to program ACL statements on a Cisco router. But outranking all of that is whether you are nice.

To demonstrate I shall link to this link here. I do not agree with the "mail order bride" aspect of the post, but rather I just want the men to look at the pictures and tell me if that doesn't outrank a "Masters in English" any day. The pictures are also simply an amazing amalgamation of food and Uncle Elmer is one lucky guy.

Heck, who knows. Such kindness and pampering may actually (GASP!) LEAD TO A LONGER LIFE EXPECTANCY AND BETTER HEALTH!!!! Even (GASP) a BETTER RELATIONSHIP! Of course we wouldn't want that! Better to get your "Masters in Peace Studies" and lord it over whatever guy you date. I'm sure that will get them banging down your door.


I was wondering where a slight (and I do mean slight) bump in traffic came from, and it was Reddit. We all know Reddit is more or less populated with people leaning to the left and younger lefter leaning folk at that, but when I looked at the comments it has confirmed several sad things:

1. I'd hope that the youth would appreciate truth over being lied to, to help boost their self-esteem. Apparently my book will not do as well as I want, as youth today preferred to be lied to so they have warm fuzzies TODAY as opposed to genuine happiness and success tomorrow. Oh well, it isn't my life.

2. I'm still amazed at the emotional response by the handful of commenters who just plain refuse to listen to what I just said. "Men prefer kindness to your worthless degree." That's a fact. Do they accept it? No, they lash out at it and refuse to believe it. I guess what I'm trying to say is I'm amazed how emotions trump reality in this situation and how (primarily) girls readily dismiss reality. Which is the crux of what i'm saying - How do you DISMISS REALITY? Perhaps my parents were rich enough to bring me up to have such a delusional and entitled mentality that I have the luxury of ignoring reality.

3. I can't wait till these kids hit the labor market. Just can't wait.

4. Perhaps I think too simply, but when a guy says, "This is what men want" shouldn't that be more or less be accepted? An unquestionable premise? No, not to these children. There must be something WRONG with men then. "You don't want what we want you to want, therefore you're wrong." I wish these girls the utmost of success with the strategy of ignoring what men want and being so bold as to lecture them for wanting what they want.

Regardless, the ability of youth to ignore reality simply because "they don't like it" is a very entertaining phenomenon. I will continue to sit and watch Gen Y lie to themselves about how the real world works as it will be as entertaining as seeing 40 something women tell themselves "they can have it all and 40 is the new 20" while the tornado of reality barrels down upon them...both groups oblivious to it...both groups oblivious to how they're wasting the precious minutes they have on this planet away.

Be thankful that you, me and other "pessimists" are smart enough to realize our mortality and are smart enough to live in the real world and, therefore, enjoy the decline!


sisterbrat said...

Master of peace studies? I thought you were making that up, then googled it just before commenting. ARGHHHHHHHHHHH.

Peace studies,hahaha, next you will be telling me about Grievance Facilitators.

Anonymous said...

"Uncle Elmer" at the Spearhead is wearing a silicone "old man" mask - like this one

Anonymous said...

The word is "outranks".
It's one word, not two.

Although I agree with you, you must have majored in liberal arts yourself.

Jim said...

Problem is Cap most men I know including myself can outcook women. And do everything else around the house as well.

It's sad but women can't keep up with men merely because they lose their utilitarian worth in pursuit of job fulfillment and go into the realm of irrelevance. I see them by the boatloads on weekends dancing with each other looking around for men to join them. They've haven't priced themselves out of the dating market. They made themselves inconsequential instead. Sad what's being done to women.

Captain Capitalism said...

Out Ranks, Got it. Blogger didn't pick it up as a typo.

Anonymous said...

If "East Asian Studies" includes mastery of an East Asian language, that actually would be intellectually respectable, as well as being a marketable skill. There's always a shortage of translators, particularly ones whose loyalties aren't automatically assumed to lie with the East Asian country of which they are citizens.

Mike James