Wednesday, February 01, 2012

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Nagging. Looking for a way to really piss off your husband and destroy your marriage? Try Nagging. Yes Nagging is that wonderful, pointless, childish, subversive, cowardly "sh!t test" meant to try to get your man to succumb to you, while at the same time destroying any respect you have for him in the process. Looking for a reason to start a fight while simultaneously shooting your love life in the foot? Try Nagging!

Also in part by the fine men and women of Pettiness. Why dedicate your efforts and resources to productive means when you can simply fight and bicker amongst yourselves. Pettiness. Now available at all collegiate MBA programs, Fortune 500 companies and women's empowerment seminars.

Inflation. When statistics don't paint the reality you want, massage them with Inflation.

Purity Bear. I don't know what the heck it is, but it sounds painful and I am wincing before I click on the play button. Purity Bear - the result of emasculating men.

Linkage is also brought to you by the lazy men and women of AFSCME. Yes, AFSCME, "We don't work for you. You work for us. We own you. You're our bitches. Vote democrat or else!"

The Education Bubble
. Ensuring millions of naive, youthful college students spend billions of dollars on worthless, washed up hippie professors. The Education Bubble. Screwing you over since 1970.

MBA's. Worthless, overpriced and now easily replaceable with people who do real work - engineers.

Capital Flight. Hate the rich? Hate the successful? Piss them off to the point they get up and leave or just throw in the towel. Capital Flight - It's the last thing liberals will expect.

Wingnut Musings. A book written by Fourthcheckraise, who you should visit frequently.

Keynesianism. Yes, if you want to be infantile in your beliefs about economics, nothing better than an economic theory that tells you working harder and smarter is for losers! Why believe the cold, harsh realities of truth when you can just say, "let's spend more government money, slosh it around the economy, and economic growth will magically happen!" Yes Keynesianism! It makes Krugman's Job Farting Unicorn Theories believable to those suffering cognitive dissonance!


Chris said...

When Lenin said people vote with their feet he meant it as a warning to the Marxist Left.

Which is why they built fences around their nations to keep everyone in.

But money has no odour, and is fungable. Leaving it (and your skin) in the modern Babylon is not that wise,

Anonymous said...

"Whom you should visit frequently"

Captain Capitalism said...

"Deez two yoots."

"Uh, did you say "yoots?"


"What's a "yoot?"


Jules said...

But Cap, I suck at math. I'm scared of hard work. And I suck at math, so how do I get my "advanced" engineering degree in a non-math discipline?

Captain Capitalism said...

I'm sure Antioch College offers something like that.

Susan Walsh said...

Thanks for the double, Captain.

Antioch College - the place where it became required for a man to escalate one permission-granted step at a time.

"May I touch your left breast now?"

vandiver49 said...


I'd have no problem with Keynesian econ if the second part of his theory (once the economy is stable, adjust taxes and interest to recoup the injected stimulus) was applied as ardently as the first part