Friday, February 03, 2012

Paige Kezima - Future Crusader

Another worthless human being,

with another worthless degree.

Something tells me we'll be seeing her in the political scene telling us what to do and how to pay more in taxes in the near future.


Anonymous said...

They also appear to be pretty shit at coding. Whoa, with all those handy computer science profs at that uni, who'd have thought that?

Anonymous said...

If you read the Kezima's posts she's quite the filthy-minded little thing.
With no interest in truth or fairness. She will go far.

Izanpo said...

Cappy - did you see the comments section over at SDA?
176 replies, last time I checked. One of this dopey chick's friends started oozing estrogen in the comments and it set off a lot of people. Snapshot of the Entitlement Generation.

Here's a link for you. A story about a rich spoiled brat who aspired to bumhood. This guy is the exact CappyCap polar opposite:
(Warning: You better have a few shots of Rumpie in you before you read this.)

This story reminds me of a fable.

A dude is walking through the park when he spies a butterfly struggling to emerge from its chrysalis on a low hanging branch. So he whipped out his penknife and used it to slice the opening of the chrysalis so the butterfly could emerge with ease. The dude walked away, very pleased with himself and his "good deed".

But what the dude didn't realize was that nature designed the hole of the chrysalis that size for a reason: when the butterfly struggled to emerge, the excess fluid of its bloated abdoment would be strained off, and that fluid would in turn nurish the butterfly's wings.

What emerged from the chrysalis was a creature with a huge bloated abdomen and small stunted wings. It couldn't fly. And it was no longer a caterpillar. It was stuck in limbo; its fate was either a) starve to death or b) be easily picked off by a predator.

So the moral of the fable is: our struggles are important - they make us who we are.