Friday, February 24, 2012

For the Cheap Seats

I'll say it again for the cheap seats because it seems people are unaware of the comment policy.

The single worst thing I have to do is delete a comment that is brilliant or has a point because it is also marred by an unacceptable level of crassness, swearing or uncalled for remarks.

Keep the cursing to a minimum. The slandering and threatening of other people non-existent. And the sexual commentary reasonably clean.

Not that I'm running a church here, but we're not running a prison either.


Aynsley said...

Might I suggest a sidebar link to this page for new readers?

Izanpo said...

Oh those lousy ne'erdowell kids today and their filthy language and their Walkmans! I'm tellin' ya, society started going down the toilet with the phasing out of suspenders!

And another thing....

Aynsley, I am madly in love with you. Let's get hitched in Vegas. When is good for you?

Mr. Spim said...

What?! You frakking *&@%^!! And furthermore (*&@# ^&%# and *@!!!


Aynsley said...

Oh, Izanpo. It would never work, what with me being a drunk and you being a figment of my whiskey-soaked imagination.

I would consider a whirlwind online romance, which would culminate in a dramatic breakup, once you discover that I am actually a tapdancing lemur. The heartbreak should be enough to get my family off of my back about not being married for at least a year.

Izanpo said...

You're a drunk, Aynsley?! Wow - me too!! I didn't catch the rest. Some weepy chick stuff about Witney Houston's lemurs.

Now I'm totally double-secret-probation in love!

Aynsley said...

How can a girl argue with romance like that?