Tuesday, March 06, 2012

The Captain Goes Shopping!

In addition to an AR15, book sales have allowed me to purchase two new items.

A new flask and a new "tactileneck."

I do believe that if you really want to be a true Cappy Cappite watching "Archer" is a must.


Anonymous said...

Make sure you have at least one crate of ammo for the AR. Money spent better than putting it in the bank. - minuteman

James Wolfe said...

I just recently discovered your blog and it immediately went to the top of my daily must read list. I also recommended it to a friend who's as crazy as I am. We've been enjoying the decline for years now. He's been out of work now for 3 years in this lovely economy while I drudge along through the life of corporate cubicle Hell and he's far the happier. I read through the free intros on two of your books and bought them right away. Can't wait to start reading them. Hope you enjoy your AR-15. I can't decide between that and the old fashioned come to Jesus sound of a shotgun being pumped for true home security. I guess I need to be deciding before November when the decline REALLY sets in. Enjoy!

cdw said...

Get a slide stock.

Captain Capitalism said...

Welcome to the fight, James.

Captain Capitalism said...

CDW and Anon,

Don't worry. way ahead of you guys.